A buffet, you say? Don’t mind if I do!

May 8, 2021

Dear reader,

At long last, it was finally here! The Feast of a Beast! All things Ziz and a salad to boot.
As I set foot into the Wanderer’s Respite there was already a small crowd forming, people trying to get the attention of a single Miqo’te behind the counter. 

As I sat myself at a corner of the bar I waited until she served other patrons I was already taking in the ambience and mouthwatering smell from all things meaty. I would like to give a special mention to U’nalia for being a champ despite the chaos at the counter, when it was my turn I put down the 40 gil for the buffet without hesitation and she handed me a token and then.. it was Buffet o’ clock! 

Before I helped myself to anything I found myself an empty table and started writing my notes for this article, fascinating no? While tirelessly working for you, dear reader, a male Roegadyn asked if he joined me at my table. Being ever so eager to meet people I told him he was more than welcome to. We talked a little and it turns out he was involved in slaying the Ziz, imagine that! Around this time Gill Gibbs came out with a plate full of steaks so I helped myself to one. A little after that one of the Roegadyns friends came to join us I did notice Kiyo, so I went over to her.

We traded stories and talked of work while I heard some very curious words coming from a Lalafell. It was very difficult to follow and capture the speech, but it was definitely unique! So unique in fact that I offered to interview him. So stay tuned for an upcoming interview with Goneko Tamneko! After that talk an eating competition was but by that time the noise was getting to me so it was time for a quiet exit.

As I’m writing this down, it dawns on me that I paid 40 gil to eat … one steak… out of an entire buffet.

In closing, I should have more on eating, this intern believes so.

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  1. The Respite was so busy! It was great to see. Next time Mizuno needs to eat more, this press operator thinks so!

  2. Thanks for coming along and checking us out. But uhh that’s what we call a quiet night

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