A festival of Summer and flowers!

August 30, 2021

Hello Dear readers, what have we been up to as of late? Why, we visited the Summer Flower Festival hosted by the Hunting Lodge and the Found Family Community Centre!

As we came up to the swimming area of the Lavender Beds it had already been taken over by the two ambitious companies and we were greeted by several of our hosts. I even got a pretty green flower to put in my hair, it clashed awfully, but when someone gives you a flower … you put it on, plain simple. After that we got showered in petals of all colors and sorts! It’s a good thing I’m not sneezy or this would’ve been trouble!

There were two stalls for drinks and food respectively serving beer, wine and juice. For food there was roast and miq’abobs. I saw Maeviarro and figured I’d hit her up for some talks, it had been some time since I chatted with her and hoped she could give me some saucy scoops. Alas, no such luck. She did give me a clue about the Mossman, so that’s good!

While I was busy talking to Maeviarro I noticed Kiyo was mingling with all sorts of people and I really have to ask her about them when I get the time. I did see Alex from the Matchy Friends, who was dressed in a whole lot of flowers and pink, a nice choice if you ask this intern. I wish I could tell more about the bustling event other than that a lot of people showed up but I got caught up in talking to some friends. Then I heard that we were going to write about this and it dawned on me.. I should have actually been listening! 
The proceeds of the festival are going to an orphanage from what I heard and collection boxes can be found around Gridania for the War Orphan fund or you can leave donations at the Hunting Lodge! Such an admirable initiative, honestly I should give part of my sponsorship money to them.

In closing, should I have at least eaten something at the Festival? This intern definitely believes so.

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