A Goblin and a Thrown Strawberry

April 12, 2021

As I sit to write this I have a bit of a foggy mind. I believe those drinks I had last night were a bit stronger than I had anticipated. A bit of matcha should help me get through my appointments this morning. It was rather irresponsible to be out on a Sunday evening, but I have to admit it was worth it.

Yesterday I traveled to Ul’dah for Alchemist Guild business. They had a large healing potion order arrive and I agreed to help them complete the task. It is rather simple work of course, but it gave me an opportunity to meet more guild members and increase my standing with the guild.

I also aided an adventurer that mentioned someone with my talents should stop by a place called the Lynx Bar & Grill. Apparently they host arena bouts each week on the day. She said it might be a place to meet potential clients as it tends to attract those who tend to find themselves injured.

As I found the logic intriguing I decided to visit and I am quite happy to have done so. Alys was there along with a new friend Frumplinox the goblin. They seemed quite interested in the combat and was enthusiastically cheering each bout for their champion of choice.

I watched two bouts, one of which Gill fought in. She has a very large sword but she fought with another Roegadyn woman who used only her fists. It reminds me of the temple monks in the foothills of Hingashi.

I also met a few other interesting people, the gentleman who had given Alys a potion when she had fallen and a blind woman who is friends with Frumplinox. The concept of someone being blind was apparently quite new to Frumplinox who discussed the matter with Helga (the blind Hyur woman) at great length. I regret not being able to speak with either of these individuals more as the environment was a bit distracting for me.

That and Alys was being very Alys, which never ceases to amuse me. She cheered on the competitors and attempted to throw a strawberry into the arena. As there is a barrier the red berry merely bounced off and rolled to a stop on the floor. The toss was however noticed by a member of the staff who promptly asked Alys not to do so again. He mentioned that it may attract ants and I would have to agree.

I met Mizuno there in passing but apparently he could not stay to talk as I passed him. Arguably I had not expected to see him there.

Alys purchased beverages for myself, Frumplinox and herself. I believe it was an Eastern Sunrise or something of the like. Regardless it was quite cold and a bit sweet for my taste but it was interesting. I had unfortunately misjudged the strength of the beverage. I requested a second to return Alys’s kindness and this morning believe I should have asked purely for water for myself. I will likely do so should I visit again.

I do believe that these were the first alcoholic beverages I have consumed since leaving Kugane. Even then however I only rarely have a bit of sake with Uncle.

Today I plan on sending a message to the tea house in hopes of making my intent to visit known. Beyond that I have no other appointments, but I do wonder what the day may bring.

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  1. I really enjoy reading these, the whole diary concept! I’m looking forward for more and different places, gives a nice insight 😀

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