A Huntress’ Log – Birth of the Culinarians’ Guild

July 20, 2021

Hello, readers! I am the newest addition to the Daily Moogle’s team: Chabi, proud daughter of the Olkund and huntress of knowledge, here to share the things I learn during my travels!


I currently am writing this article while snacking on cornbread and O’Ghomoro mead and sitting at a table in the Drowning Wench: less than three hundred yalms to the North and West from the Bismarck!


And while I dream of one day eating there, let me share with you my very tasty findings of the day: some prime-cut culinary history!


Today’s story begins in the last ’20s of Sixth Astral Era: just some three years after the unification of the Northern lands of Ilsabard under the Garlean regime and their passage from a Republic just trying to defend its acres to the ruthless Empire we’ve grown to know and loathe; and also some three years after the infamous battle of Bloodshore, in which the crews of Mistbeard and the League of the Lost Bastards spilled so much blood to dye the sand crimson… or some three years before the Empire would first set out to conquer the East..!


But for as much as everyone loves themselves a good tale of war now and then, that is not what I promised is it? Because in this decade of bloodshed, together with an increase of aerial exploration (that will be a tale for another day), this land has seen something waaay tastier happening!


Because you see, in the year 1525 of the Sixth Astral Era, Admiral Guolskyf “Mastcleaver” Bhaldwaensyn-known lover of the culinarian arts among pirates and undoubtedly spurred by the ease with which the Thalassocracy would learn and relish of the delicious food and spices from all the corners of the five seas, woke up to an idea: that of cataloguing all the tastiest foods of the realm and how to prepare them.

A delicious pursuit is it not?


And thus, the Culinarians’ Guild of today was born! The realm’s foremost center for the Culinary Arts as well as the home of the tireless stove masters manning the Bismarck!


This said, I’m all out of cornbread and mead and thus I shall leave you with a question (or maybe three) before I run looking for more tasty things I can afford!

Have you ever been to the Bismarck? If you have, what’s your favorite dish there? Does it live up to its reputation? Let this hunter know!

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