A lot of talking at a Slice of Life!

May 10, 2021

Dear reader

Upon entering the Slice of Life community center I was greeted by a female by the name of Imadyn or Ima. As I asked what all there is to the place one thing caught my attention, dear reader: “Mini.Gold.Saucer!!”

You see, I have been meaning to visit since .. well ever and I just have not had the time to EVER go! I tried my hand at a cactuar game and failed horribly, twice even! A tall Viera by the name of Elizrathla, with a Z not an S, gave me some pointers but it did not help sadly. I suspect there might be a trick involved with the game.

Elizrathla mentioned she is first and foremost a dancer and recently joined a company called the Bluebirds to begin to experience more adventures again. I wonder if the shows involve birds or if they dress up in giant bird suits. The last time she got to properly travel was with the dance troupe she was a part of. As well, she also helps out at her sisters clothing store, which she’s recently expanded to add in a larger area and aims to host social gatherings. So keep an eye out for Theodora Miral’s clothing shop in a next article!

As we got to talking her friends Ally and Silk joined us and there was some confusion about flirting and what not. The conversation went in very weird ways until she was interrupted by an Ishgardian man commenting on how scandalous articles based on rumour and gossip are hardly a way to promote an establishment, to which this intern agrees!

I then continued by interviewing Elizrathra’s friend Silk to which I have to admit I did not understand a word she said, but I’m fairly certain I kept up the appearance and I did manage to write it all down to pass to Kiyo, Gasian or F’mhena.

Next up was someone that introduced himself as a wayward Ishgardian, a man far from home, with a family business within the much more capable hands of his son, he felt it simply right to explore other pastures beyond the frigid cold. He later re-introduced himself as Edouard Giroux and continued that the business was handed down through several generations, prior to the Calamity that turned much of their fertile land to frozen waste they were a prominent supplier of cider within Ishgard and its lands. He had my undivided attention when he mentioned cider, Kiyo loves that stuff!

He gave me some wise words and I asked if I could quote him to share them with our readers, so here goes: I am assured that mistakes that have been made can be overcome, given time.
Strong words indeed.

Afterwards I talked to Elizrathla’s other friend Ally who shared what seemed to be her ENTIRE life story at a very rapid pace, it was nearly impossible to keep up! What I did gather was that she was hiding from Ixal and she was going to shoot a naked woman in a pot, but then someone stepped in and she shot her in the butt. Something I definitely intend to further investigate! A followup interview is definitely in order.

Lastly as I made my way down needing a drink Edouard introduced me to a man named Varriz Relanah, a man that owns “Wandering Relanah”, a shop where you can find just about anything. This definitely had my curiosity! He invited me to his shop to have a look and to give it that special Daily Moogle treatment…. probably. As for the man himself, he claims to be man who has a “bit” of a hoarding problem. Throughout his life he slowly gathered items that came of interest to him and as the years went by he amassed enough that people started coming to him asking to trade.

In closing, should the Slice of Life having slices of cake? This intern believes so.

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