A New Direction

April 28, 2021

Has it been three days since I’ve put pen to paper? I am very, very tired. Two days ago I sold the last of my potions at Phoenix Trading. That was the last of my career as a Chirurgeon, at least for now. 

After having closed my practice for so many days and returning rather battered and bruised, my kindly neighbor sat me down for what I can only assume would be a motherly talk. 

She asked a rather pointed but pertinent question. Did I really wish to be in medicine? She says that I was quite good at it, but it was obvious that my heart wasn’t in it. She asked if there was anything that I’d rather do… for myself.

We started talking and well, I began to realize how much of my life has been spent doing what is expected of me. Even my desire to be a Shinobi is more based on what my parents would have wanted even more so than myself. Not that I don’t enjoy some aspects. 

After my talk with her I decided that I should consider other options and one thing that I have been considering for years would be operating a printing press. I can only imagine it might be useful here in Eorzea. The best printing technology is Sharlayan of course. But I can work with what I can find for now.

It’s rather exciting. I’ve discussed this with Mizuno and he seems to be excited as well. 

There’s so much to do! Though I have to admit I did enjoy selling potions at the Phoenix. I had several buyers. I sold several to the large Roegadyn smith with face markings. He mentioned being born in a volcano. That is absolutely fascinating. 

Speaking of businesses, I wonder if a small paper with advertisements wouldn’t help offset the costs of printing. At least until I manage to find authors looking to have books published. 

Oh! I wonder if Marko or that lovely author from the library would like to have books published locally?

Oh and speaking of locally I did manage to sell potions to a number of wonderful people. I sold a potion of fire warding to a woman who promised to return with a story about dragons. 

Mae was there and she bought a few potions as well.One woman bought up the last of my stock. She was quite lovely even after I was confused in speaking with her. A beautiful Elezen woman came to discuss trade with me, but I had to send her to Ihra. She was very polite and lovely though. I hope to see her again. 

I did see Vee there as well but he seemed a bit occupied. I also sold my only large bottles of healing elixir to a lovely Xaela woman in a Yukata. 

Despite having no other sellers that evening there were so many customers. Phoenix Trading was bustling with people all talking and looking to trade. It was amazing.

Oh and I spoke with Kesa. I haven’t told her about my plans yet. I honestly am not sure if people will believe that I’ve gone insane. They very well might, but I have to admit that there is something about this that just makes me feel so much calmer. 

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