A new hire AND a surprise visit?!

September 1, 2021

Hello again dear readers!

Today I bring you happy news for us at the Daily Moogle. We have a new hire! It’s been a while since people have been coming to the office for work, but times seem to be changing, how exciting!

Today I was graced by a sprightly Lalafell by the name of Nitori Shiro, local machinist and inventor. She talked to Kiyo a few days ago regarding a little idea she came up with herself. She read one of our articles and noticed there were so many big and difficult words! So she asked Kiyo why there weren’t more pictures! Excellent question actually, I would love more pictures myself too.

As fortune would have it, she told Kiyo she could put little comics on those pages of ours and that’s why she visited me at the office. She brought some comics along and used only the highest quality of pencils she could find. Honestly it did not disappoint! I’m not going to spoil anything about it, but you’re in for a good laugh!

While we were discussing her employment at the Daily Moogle, we were suddenly interrupted by The Masked Miqo’te!
It’s not an image I shall soon be forgetting dear reader, but that’ll have to wait for its own write up, as to not take away from our latest hire. Suffice to say, I’m still deeply struck with their appearance and entrance. After the mysterious figure left, Nitori and myself took a moment to collect ourselves and I gave her a quick tour of the offices before she went on her merry way. It’s never simple day at the Daily Moogle!

In closing, do we need more pictures in the Daily Moogle? This intern believes so.

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