Kiyo and Mizuno In The Shroud

A Night In The Shroud

April 25, 2021

After spending two days recuperating I finally ventured out of doors with Mizuno. We roamed about the woods doing odds and ends work here and there. I usually wouldn’t do such a thing but Mizuno did not have enough to pay for a trip on an airship.

Somehow we ended up in a place called Buscarron’s Druthers in the South Shroud. Mizuno was hungry and we decided to find a place to get a bite to eat. It seems so far out of the way and yet yesterday evening there were more people there than I’d imagine seeing in such a remote location.

Mizuno brought tea for me and as we sat a lovely Viera woman spoke with us and a Miqo’te woman. I vaguely heard something about a moth man, but I was getting a bit tired and found myself lost in the conversation. The mute Xaela was there as well along with Rosa I think her name was? Though I am not sure if they arrived together or at the same time.

I did however see Alys there of all places. Though I was quite happy to see her. She will be opening a Salon soon. I’m so happy for her! She did want to do so. I am looking forward to visiting. She gave me a paper with all of the information. I will have to send a message soon and see when I might make an appointment.

Though I think she nearly made herself ill drinking a beverage. She’d asked for something to warm her up but apparently the drink was a bit too strong. She’d dropped the glass and it rolled across the floor. I believe she recovered but sadly I did not stay long.

Apparently I tried doing a bit more than my body was prepared for. I have healed nicely and there are no infections, but I am still quite sore. I was getting so tired that I was beginning to have trouble standing. I decided that it was time to leave. I said my goodbyes and left sadly in a bit of a rush.

Mizuno stayed and seemed to be talking to a level headed Miqo’te man as I left.

Tomorrow I do have to be back in La Noscea though. I have appointments and an event tomorrow evening.

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