A poetic encounter … and the Mothman resurfaces?!

May 19, 2021

Dear reader,

The other day while I was snacking on some bread at the Wanderer’s Respite a most curious man sat next to me. A man that, contrary to yours truly, thinks about what and how he says things.

He introduced himself as the fool harlequin, Vee Redgraves, poet by passion, practitioner of the Arcane by providence. He had me impressed! And that wasn’t even his full introduction, that one was even longer. But apparently that one has not been well received, so he told me. However poetry seems to be a side job as he’s an aetherial investigator. I wonder if those have special uniforms?

One of his latest jobs had me pinned to my barstool, I assure you. It went something like this:
They found the lost caravan near the entrance of an old temple, no signs of struggle or violence, but the chocobos were gone, and so were a lot of the wares. They first set up a perimeter to make sure the area was safe to investigate and when that was clear, they pressed into the temple proper. (Chilling, no?)
When they found the first corpse and saw it frozen in a state of absolute terror on its face, they knew something was not natural.

Vee then took a sip of tea, while I was simply amazed, and he continued:
“We pressed further into the temple, finding another corpse along the way until we got to what I could only assume was a sort of altar room. Now these were members of the caravan that we found; dead, faces rigid in the most ghastly expressions. In the altar room, we found two more of them but one was dead, his body being heavily beaten by the other. The other was repeatedly caving the mans chest in with his bare fists. He was in a state of utter madness and a danger to himself and his surroundings. Near him was an artifact and this artifact was the cause.”

All of this led me to believe Vee will be the perfect person to help me find … the Mothman! Yes, you read it correctly, I’ve enlisted none other than the aetherial investigator Vee Redgraves to help me find the ever so elusive Mothman! 

In all of the excitement I totally forgot to ask him anything about Nero, that I will be fighting soon! Not my best move.

In closing, did you believe I had given up on the Mothman? This intern hopes not.

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  1. That Mothman has NOTHING on The Butterfly Man! I’d flex, but my wings would send a gushing wind the likes that nobody has seen so I’ll refrain. This time.

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