A Reader’s Response

July 7, 2021


The Daily Moogle’s gossip-mongering tripe of an article passed as ‘news’ on the Rosamond-Eralis wedding is a blistering indictment of the total lack of journalistic integrity of your publication, as well as willful ignorance of the socio-political climate within Ishgard.

While Ms. Clark waxes and supposits the circumstances of a marriage between highborn and lowborn as ‘scandalous’, and then attempts to mark this happenstance as an indicator of possible social progression within the city. She misses the mark entirely out of desperation to create a ‘story’ out of a trite event that means little.

For a true reflection of the still tenuous relations between both highborn and lowborn, one need look no further than the continued incidents of uprising and unrest which have occurred within Ishgard even since the Dragonsong War’s end. Even the promise of a bicameral republic – with the House of Lords and House of Commons – has been subject to attacks and controversy to undermine the still meager increase in power and representation given to the lowborn of Ishgard.

For centuries upon centuries before the Dragonsong War’s end, Ishgard’s lowborn citizens were subject to violation upon violation of their liberties, security, and power. And make no mistake: there are still no small number of ‘nobles’ who believe they are entitled to finery, position, and status due to the circumstances of their birth. In the shifting landscape of class and status, they are not eager to relinquish their wealth and finery, but rather consolidate and cling onto the last vestiges while they can. What occurred with the Rosamond-Eralis wedding was not a symbolic celebration of tearing down of class divides between highborn and lowborn; it was a business consolidation in a class system that is, justly, beginning to fray at the seams.

The only celebration that can hope to be had for the cessation of class warfare is the exchange of a bicameral republic for that of a unicameral legislature. The bicameral republic does little to weaken the class divide between Ishgardians, though I will grant it serves as a primary step in granting the democratic voice to the city’s lowborn that has been utterly absent for generations. But it is not where the nation’s progress should stop.

Our focus upon the social progress of a nation should not be in marriages between classes, but by how well cared for, free, and safe its poorest citizens are in comparison to its wealthiest. By that judgment, Ishgard is still malms and malms away from meaningful reformation. And reporting upon the victories towards that progress, as well as the injustices and setbacks suffered along the way, are a far more worthy vehicle of journalism than marriage reports.

A Lowborn Citizen of Ishgard

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