A Slice of Time

April 5, 2021

To day I had the pleasure of visiting Gridania once again. I can say that the forest is humbling. My business in Gridania was of little interest this day as it was merely discussing treatments with members of the Conjurer’s guild.

Afterwards however I decided to visit an establishment in the Lavender Beds called “Slice of Life Community Center.”

It is very large, comfortable, and well decorated.

Upon entering I found two individuals standing at the door. A Raen Samurai of great height and a shy Hyur.

Slice of Life Community Center

From what I gathered later the Hyur is a lovely woman who runs the establishment. The Samurai is apparently the establishment guard.

I saw them both when they had business at Phoenix Trading just two weeks prior. Which reminds me I should contact Kesa and see if the items I requested have arrived.

Unfortunately I neglected to ask their names. The hostess did however bring cushions for myself and Ayame so that we might sit before the fireplace as we talked.

Ayame arrived not long after I did. I was quite glad to see her once again.

I should note that she runs a Doman Tea Room in the Hunting Lodge. I visited her establishment recently and as it was a slow evening I was able to speak with her at length.

Fortunately she has been in Eorzea for some time and has quite a wealth of information to share.

Ayame & Kiyo At The Fire

I have not asked of her any details regarding the individuals I seek however, it does not seem to be a topic I feel as though I want to discuss in polite company.

We did however discuss all manner of other topics. I even asked her professional opinion of adding tea to the mixture for Alys, but we both agreed it would be dreadful.

She also mentioned a hrothgar Eorzean tea master that I might speak with. Apparently he has a business in the Mists. I can only imagine it should not be to difficult to find.

Ayame also introduced me to Mihk’a Tayuun who owns the Hunting Lodge. He did not stay to speak with us however as he feared me hay give her work.

Speaking of which Ayame’s studies in Astrology are progressing well, which is quite nice to hear. She has also held private tea ceremonies at her tea house. I asked if I might arrange one for myself at one point and she agreed. Once I have more time I do hope to do so.

I also mentioned my plans to visit Ishgard as I have made arrangements to visit within the coming days. Ayame mentioned a cathedral that I should see and I will endeavor to do just that.

Though my trip to Ishgard is not simply one for business. One of the Samurai may have been spotted in the environs and I intend on finding out if the rumor is true.

One can only hope I am getting closer to my quarry.

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