A trip to the Gold Saucer … and a gold opportunity!

June 12, 2021

Dear readers,

Today we’re doing something different! We went to the Gold Saucer on a company trip, expenses covered by the Editor! You’ll never guess what happened next!

So we gotten to the Gold Saucer and the first thing we notice is that the place is LOUD and BRIGHT. Kiyo ran around with sunglasses in the place, but I suppose Gasian, F’Mhena and myself felt equally out of place. When we came upon the main hall we were greeted by a massive counter in the shape of a circle and even more lights. Me and F’Mhena tried our hand at a scratching game called “Mini Cactpot” and much to my surprise I won something!

We heard sound coming from all over the place announcing an event called “The Slice Is Right”, being the ever curious intern I shot forward like an arrow… possibly leaving everyone else behind while shouting. I should be more mindful of that in the future.
Nonetheless! I tried my hand at this game with a ton of other people, the purpose is to dodge bamboo shoots that are being sliced and diced by this mysterious samurai! It went very well.. until it didn’t. I have to admit it they were probably the most intense 15 seconds in my life before I got knocked off the platform. I probably should have paid more attention instead of waving at my friends.

Fortunately we found some games nearby, one of them being a punch game! You get a target and you need to give it as hard a beatdown as you can. All in all it was good fun, laughs were had. We had to convince Gasian quite a bit to step up to the challenge but I can understand why! The whallop she gave that thing was enough to make it freak out and not give a score. I would definitely not want to stand in front of her when she throws a punch!

It was a very entertaining evening and I made some tokens, which I swapped for gil. So what came next, you ask? Well I went to see my buddy in Ul’dah and bought a batch of new horn and skin care products! The gift that keeps on giving! And that’s how I realized I spent all my money on those products and now I have boxes piling up in the office… so  come see me and ask about my horn and skin care products. Please?

In closing, you should all come by the Daily Moogle office and buy some of my skincare products. This intern believes so.

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