A Warm Meal In the Brume

April 7, 2021

While I was able to make arrangements for Ishgardian herbs and even aid a collegue with questions on a persistent ailment, I cannot say that my primary mission in Ishgard was any form of success.

Apparently the target staying in that location moved on before my arrival.

I did however find a warm place to sit and have a meal after meeting with a rather disreputable information peddler in an area of Ishgard called The Brume.

I ordered a type of soup called stew. I believe it was made with beef and a range of vegetables. hearty food to be fair, but I have to agree that the Coerthan tea I ordered is an acquired taste.

While I did spend quite a bit of time on my own I was joined by a Xaela who did not speak. He did not seem rude, rather, quite the contrary. I merely sat with him and made a comment to him.

When he left he gave me a black tulip. It is the first time a man has given me a flower, but I am sure he meant it as a friendly gesture for which I am appreciative.

Before I left I did see a familiar face. A Xaela woman that Vee had introduced me to at the Sleeping Koi roughly two or three weeks ago.

The woman, named Koko, is apparently staying in Ishgard at the moment. She seems to have found herself fortunate to have found lodging. Au Ra are still regarded with a bit of suspicion within the city. Considering the current state of it I cannot say that I blame them.

Kiyo & Koko

That being said, in the morning I make my way back to Limsa Lominsa and my new office in the Mist. At least I will have a stock of a few herbs to help in potion production.

I have named it Crescent Moon Alchemy. One of the workmen helping me arrange the office suggested the name after commenting on my staff.

It seems oddly appropriate.

Now however I should begin production. Having steady income will likely be needed if I intend to succeed in this mad endeavor.

That of course reminds me that I should stop in and see if Kesa and her associates have the items I had ordered.

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