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A Winking Evening At the Paissa

May 13, 2021

As our intrepid intern had other arrangements last night, it is up to your humble press operator to share her experiences at the Winking Paissa!

As always the meal was most delightful and the service timely and friendly! In fact I Koko and Mae, both of whom I’ve met in the past, have taken work serving there. I must say that their serving skills were in top form!

I sadly did not speak with Koko. I am however always pleasantly surprised at the many locations where I see her and it always brings a smile to my face to see her making friends and finding her way in life. 

I did have an opportunity to speak with Mae as she served my meal. I learned that she is from the Shroud and still returns from time to time. She recently began working at the Winking Paissa and so far finds the battered fish to be her favorite dish. She was of course quite busy as there were a number of other patons present! 

I did see Vee Redgraves in attendance, as elegant as ever while enjoying his meal with a glass of wine. I was quite happy to see Gibbs as well. She spoke with a well mannered man. I believe he is the same man who purchased potions from yours truly at Phoenix Trading some time ago.

I was also privileged to have a conversation with a veritable wordsmith by the name of Hagel Gil. As a merchant and playwright his days must be ever so busy! He also mentioned another publication of note, the Chocobo Chronicles. 

Mister Gil gave me sufficient information to find out more and I hope to do just that! He says they are a bi-yearly publication and are on he precipice of opening an office! Very exciting news indeed and I cannot wait to learn more! But that will be for another time. 

I am hoping that Mister Gil will find inspiration in his endeavors. I look forward to hearing if he will have another play in the works! Mister Hegal Gil is excellent company for those who enjoy a tapestry of language.

Another server at the Winking Paissa, Sugi, offered to share my glowing praise for the meal with the chef as I paid for my delightful meal. 

Should you find yourself in Ul’dah I can recommend the Winking Paissa where a culinary experience is just a wink away!

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