About the Beast of the Feast, a Ziz is what it is!

May 5, 2021

Dear reader,

Today I bring you something different, I bring you.. a rousing tale of sword swinging, fireball slinging and …..Zizback riding? 

I was visited by Rosa Alice, the adventurer that brought the crew together. What crew you might ask? Well none other than Silver, a good tall cladded Roegadyn. Flint, a miqo’te that was rather charming according to Rosa. Next up is Dante, a soon-to-be fully fledged adventurer. There was Gill, straight as an arrow who also came to invite us for the Feast of a Beast! And lastly there’s Culkin, whom Rosa called “a rather upkept Hyur”.

Now that we have the people covered, lets get straight into the action! Follow me along into Rosa’s mind as I asked the one burning question: “What was the fight like?”
“The tall mighty Ziz seemed to have recently made a fresh kill of something as it was still eating, it had not yet spotted them coming. They crept closer and closer towards it and then stopped a fair distance. Flint took it upon himself being at the front to cast out a fireball towards it.”

I would not recommend this to just about anyone dear reader, as Rosa continued and mentioned this made the Ziz angry.

“It then started to charge towards the fireball slinger, namely Flint. Culkin got out his sword and shield to stand before Flint, taking the full brunt of the blow from the Alpha Ziz’ beak slam. Everyone started attacking it from all sides.”
What a sight it must have been! Rosa briefly paused and then continued her story, a different tone.

“Until Flint decided to ride the Alpha Ziz out of nowhere. In the midst of the Ziz getting attacked, it suddenly had a rider on his back. It tried to run away, but Silver managed to restrain it with earth magic on the spot and Flint tried to cast ice on the Ziz as he rolled off the back of the flailing Ziz. Everyone came running towards it, trashing into it as Dante saw an opportunity to be had. He rushed towards Gill and used her to thrust him up into the sky. Coming down with his spear to deliver the finishing blow, the mighty Alpha Ziz was slain.

And Rosa herself you may ask? In her own words: “I was at the back, making sure everyone was okay as your fellow conjurer.”

In closing, was this a rousing tale? This intern hopes so.

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