Outer La Noscea the Floating City of Nym Final Fantasy XIV

Adventure to the Ruins of Nym

May 22, 2021

Yours truly the humble press operator and our ever adventurous Mizuno Kanta had the rare opportunity to travel into the field! 

A visitor from the East Kamui Akagane had planned to see at least one Eorzean marvel before returning to his homelands in the East. He was ever so kind as to offer myself and Ayame Muria the chance to visit the ruins of the lost city of Nym!

The adventure went thusly. Mizuno and I traveled to Aleport where we met with Miah the chocobo porter who had been kind enough to carry us on our journey to Bronze Lake. 

I was delighted to meet Miah and her trained chocobos. Her chocobos are so well trained that one of them will simply follow along behind the wagon even with a rider! I can only imagine the amount of time and effort she must have invested in such an endeavor. Once Ayame and Kamui arrived we began our journey.

As we traveled on to our destination we passed over the large bones of long dead creatures. It made for bumpy travel but it was fascinating looking at the skeletons. The creatures that left them must have been enormous!

As we ventured further we saw the ruins themselves! It was truly a sight to behold. As we passed one could see the remains of the once great Nymian civilization. 

Finally we arrived at Camp Overlook. Miah waited for us with her chocobos there. She said it would be easier for her tend to her chocobos. 

Though rain began to fall as we left the encampment, it did not dampen our spirits. We began our journey travelling past an absolutely fascinating Kobold village. They had built directly into the cliffside. It must have been quite an endeavor indeed.

As we walked further we heard a number of beasts but where fortunate enough to not attract their attention. We also found an amazing cliffside overlook of Bronze Lake. From there you can see a standing remnant of Nymian civilization. Ayame said that it was called the Wanderer’s Palace. 

From what little I do know of Nymian civilization is that they were a seafaring people accustomed to the use of ships. It therefore is not surprising to see one of their buildings standing proudly above its surroundings in the middle of the lake! Though the origins of said lake, may have more nefarious origins.

Though regardless imagine the defensive capabilities! 

But I digress. The rain finally ceased as we continued to stare over the beautiful lake. For a brief moment a rainbow arched over the sky. Once it faded from view we continued our trek. 

Travelling through the ruins and having seen the Wanderer’s Palace, one can only imagine what the rest of the ruins had once been in their prime. Large pieces of stonework still hover above the ground, held aloft by empowered crystals. Shifting bits of dust drift from them here and there as they ever so slowly succumb to the passage of time.

We finally made our way closer to another cliff. A nearby location had been designated as a perfect spot to stop and eat the meal we had brought with us. 

There was however one small problem. Between us and the cliffside there was a stone golem. Had the creature been left by the Nymians or was it merely a product of the overactive magic in the area? That would definitely be a question for another time. We decided that we must pass the elemental before we could venture further.

Taking initiative, Kamui decided to fight. He lunged forth with sword in hand seeking the animating force of the elemental and bringing it low. We did not have time to celebrate his victory as a Coeurl, attracted by the commotion, lunged for Mizuno!

With axe in hand Mizuno fought off the creature. I may have assisted a bit in distracting it by flinging some stones in the beast’s direction, but that gave Mizuno just enough time to fell the beast. Though sadly… it landed atop him.

The use of magic however drew yet another earth elemental that attacked from behind. Fortunately Ayame and Kamui dispatched the creature without harm! Ayame with her chakram and Kamui with his sword.

With myself and Kamui assisting, Mizuno pushed away the Coeurl, freeing him from his heavy burden. Fortunately there were no other beasts looking to fight and we were able to make our way to the area Kamui and Ayame had spotted previously. 

From the cliffside there dear reader one can see across a large valley landscape. On a clear day the view is positively astounding. In the valley below lay even more ruins from the Nymian people. One can only imagine how vast their city state must have been at its zenith.

We then of course dined on a meal of traditional Eastern fare prepared by Ayame and some lovely sandwiches from the Bismarck. Ayame did a wonderful job of preparing the dishes she brought with her and even using fresh fish caught by Mihk’a Tayuun of the Hunting Lodge.  

Ayame had also brought eastern alcohols including Sake. She offered some to Mizuno who tried it for the first time. Though apparently upon learning how some prepare the drink he had a few questions. All in all though I think he enjoyed it. 

Before long the sun was preparing to set and it was time to return from whence we came. As we walked back to Camp Overlook we were startled by a small group of raptors that ran past. I can say I was not fond of staying to find out just from what they may have been running!

Miah was waiting for us at the Camp Overlook Aetheryte with her trusty chocobos. With a bit of joking about needing a bit of beauty sleep we all agreed it was time to head back to Aleport and to Limsa Lominsa respectfully.

While not an adventure to be written of in epic tales but it was a pleasant jaunt! Should you venture toward Bronze Lake dear reader, do stop and admire the ruins of a lost era! Though do mind the odd Coeurl.

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