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Aetherology Instruction At Talon’s Reach

June 6, 2021

Yesterday evening I was privileged to attend a discourse on Aetherology at The Perch, the headquarters of the Talon’s Reach Free Company. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this was no mere lecture on the subject but rather an in depth discussion on the topic. The instructor for the evening was the quite knowledgeable Cecily Tanner.

The comprehensive discussion on the topic ranged from the basics of aetheric application to the behaviors of aether in it’s many forms. It was quite an enlightening affair to say the least.

The discussion on active and passive aspected aether was quite fascinating. It is certainly on the cutting edge of current thinking on the topic.

The attending students were all quite knowledgeable in their own right and their questions added to the overall discourse. Miss Tanner also made inquiries to those in attendance as well which kept things lively despite the weighty nature of the topic at hand.

Miss Tanner also employed visual aid via arcana illustration via a well prepared grimoire. This allowed those in attendance to look on as Miss Tanner demonstrated various states of elemental aspected aether.

Typically instruction within Talon’s Reach is typically reserved solely for members of their Free Company. This was a rare opportunity indeed to participate. Should another lesson be available I would highly recommend attending for those who wish to not only learn but also engage with others in discourse on the topic of the eve.

Thank you once again to Talan’s Reach for opening up this event to the community at large.

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The Perch, Headquarters of Talon's Reach
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