All Friend Shaped Things!

July 13, 2021

Hello Dearhearts!  First of all, let me apologize for the downwing in articles from me lately.  There’s changes afloat, and I’ve been busy behind the scenes with some exciting news!  But before I get to that, let me answer the question that’s been sitting in my dust waiting to be blown off.


How do you know when it’s just not working out. Also how do you let someone down without hurting there feelings?


My Dear Reader, it pains me greatly to know that some Dearhearts out there are having such rough times.  But as Life and Love go, sometimes you have to waft on a few breezes before you find the one that takes you the places you’re destined for.  How do you know when it isn’t working out?  A lot of that depends on your own relationship of course, but a few easy to read warning signs are : Disagreements about nearly everything, no matter how big nor small ; Serious and lingering unfading doubts about the other that don’t seem to wax and wane as time passes ; and The distinct lack of communication either on the part of both or just one.  There are other warning signs of course, but any of these three should give some serious cause for concern.  The next question though, I have to say unfortunately, there’s not a way.  Letting someone down will hurt their feelings.  You being the one letting someone down is already hurting yours, why would they, the recipient, feel any different?  Unless, butterflies forfend, they have been -waiting- for you to be the one approaching, then there’s going to be hurt and there’s going to be hurt on both sides, it is a fact.  Even if they’ve been waiting or aiming for it, there will be some measure of disappointment.  But if this is what needs to be done, this is what needs to be done.  Only you can be the true judge of that.  And if you let them go and they come back and whatever it is that caused the shift in the air is able to be mended, then you’ll both have learned a valuable lesson.  Sometimes that happens too, I’ve heard of it!


And now to add a little good news to the mix.  Not that I can say -too- much about it just yet, but in the not so distant future, The Daily Moogle will have some serious fun things going on!  Here’s one hint.  If you’re really shy (we all know that the most of you are, Dearhearts, else you’d not be coming to me with those filled out Matchy Dates forms!  Which, by the way.. could sure use some more of them…) and you’re so shy that you even have troubles making friends, have we got a solution for you!  Alright, a temporary solution, but still.  Something that will help shake things up stronger than my wings do!  That’s all I’ll say though, the details are being worked on and I don’t want to give -too- much away and let the dust out of the bag.  Too much dust spoils a butterfly?  Oh no wait..


That’s all for me this time, Dearhearts, Until next time, keep those wings a-fluttering and I’ll keep the advice coming!

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