All That Thing.

June 11, 2021

It is that time again, Dearhearts!  Welcome to All Things Fluttery.  Now before I get in to todays Singular but most heart wrenching question, I’d like to extend the offer to more of you to turn in your form for my Matchy Dates!  I have a list.. a list of those waiting to find their Dearhearts.  The sad thing is.. none of them currently match!  I can’t match up matches if I don’t have the right kind of matches, can I?  That could end up -disastrous-.  Don’t be shy!  I know YOUR future Dearheart is waiting right around the corner.. maybe on this paper over here.. or that one over there.. but you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity, would you?  I would hope not.  I know I certainly wouldn’t want to thwart my own future Dearheart from finding -me-.  But I’m a little harder to find than the forms, which can be picked up at the offices of The Daily Moogle!   Now on to the question : I think I am starting to develop feelings for someone… and it utterly terrifies me. We do not even know each other that well, I hardly believe she feels the same way. I cannot help but think that this would ravage our friendship, and I do not have the slightest idea what action I should take. I probably should bury it deep inside before it is too late, shouldn’t I…?   Let me say first off, NO.  Do not -bury- this.  This is not a question of ‘they don’t feel the same’ it’s a question of ‘DO they feel the same?’ and if you bury it then you’ll never find the answer!  Trust me, I’ve heard many Dearhearts say ‘If only I’d not have buried my feelings…’ because this is like picking up a Matchy Dates form and using it as firewood.  Not making the best use of this, not at all!  However.  You say you don’t know each other well?  This, my Dearheart, is easy then.  -Get- to know them better.  You have a friendship already, so why not just keep things as they are for now?  Observe them, get to know them, find out more about them and let them find out more about you.  Unless they’re talking your ear off about someone else they like, then why would you think the chances of them not feeling the same way are there?  I know, in the moment it is very difficult to not fret and worry about every little thing.  You don’t know them or their thoughts and yes that can be excruciatingly terrifying!  But what is more painful, getting to know them better and maybe something develops later rather than sooner?  Or seeing them go crazy in this way over somebody else because you didn’t spend any time with them?  Hmmm.  The answer is in the question, Dearheart.   Will your feelings ravage the friendship?  Possibly.  Especially if you leap in with both feet before knowing all the information.  But this is why you get to know them better, hmm?  And if you become good friends, then a revelation like this won’t ravage the friendship anyway.  It might make things a bit uncomfortable if they don’t feel the same, but time can get the two of you past that.  And time would also then bring you another potential Dearheart.   And before I start to go in circles myself, I’ll call this a net to flit around.  Next time, I hope to have some news on the Secret Admirer..er.. maiden flight!  I’d love to get tidbits from both those and the Matchy Dates to share with you all so if you care to share, please do dare!  Until next time Dearhearts!

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