All Things Dust Covered…

June 7, 2021

Hello most Dearest Readers and Dearhearts all around!  I came into the office today to see if there were any Love Queries and.. WHOAH BOY!  I had a stack!  So without further flitting, let me dive right in to the sheafs.


1) What are some of your favorite places to get romance going?


A better question here would be.. what -aren’t- some of your favorite places!  Romance can happen anywhere, at any time.  Now, we all know the typical ‘moonlit starry night’ and everyone’s favorite ‘get caught in a nearby bush trouserless’ but you want to know my personal favorites, I imagine.  The best place to get romance going is someplace calm, quiet, and meaningful to one or both parties involved.  Someplace where the two (or more?) of you can share the memory later on, and bring back those nostalgic feelings.  Depending what your romantic interest is.. well.. interested in.. it could be a tender evening after a hard day of doing something both (or all) of you love, like.. chasing butterflies in the desert.  Or reciting stand-up poetry in front of a live audience.  Either way, take some time to sit back and reflect and enjoy the quiet of each other(s) in those moments that Eorzea begins to fall into slumber.


2) Where does the butterfly dust come from?


You’ll never know!  Cause I’ll never tell.  Let me give you a hint though.  BUTTERFLIES.


3) Are you the mothman? We deserve to know the truth! We can handle the truth!




And last but not least 4) What is the perfect date?


FINALLY another love advice question.  I don’t know which of you Dearhearts decided to slip those other questions in there, but maybe answering with non-answers will get you to re-think that strategy, hehe!  What is the perfect date?  Dearest of Dearhearts, just like I answered before about the ‘real deal’, the answer is similar.  Every man, woman, or butterfly has their own unique idea of what is considered perfect or not-perfect for them.  If you’re asking because you’re unsure how to find out about someone that YOU may have a crush on, let me say this : In a future column, I will be discussing the first of the Secret Admirererererer outcomes, and will open that service to YOU, all of my Dearhearts, once I’ve received feedback from the maiden voyage.  If you are admiring someone from afar and they are shy, quiet, reserved.. their perfect date more than likely is someplace just as quiet and reserved as them.  If you are admiring someone from anear and they are extroverted, boisterous, exciteable, chances are they’d prefer something that helps them release that energy in a constructive manner.  You must take a look at them, their personality, -as well as your own- to be able to construct the Perfect Date.  You know what to do from here!


Now that I have successfully flapped the dust off these subjects, please feel free to leave me more questions at the office of The Daily Moogle!  And if you don’t get a response straight away, Dearhearts, know within those dear hearts that my answers are coming on the breeze just as soon as the winds die down.  Until next time, Dearhearts!

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