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October 11, 2021

Hello again Dear Readers, Dearhearts, and Soon To Be Dearhearts!  Today I’m writing from the invigoratingly noisy background of the Gold Saucer!  Why there, you might ask?  Oh, for a little research to help out one of YOU, Dear Readers, with their Dearheart!  Let’s jump right in.


Dear dear dear Wes; I don’t know what to do. The person I admire claims I am his number one, but time and time again I’m shown otherwise! He’ll often cut time together short for his friends or to play those silly games at the Golden Saucer and even when we have time for just the two of us, he instead puts his focus on something or someone else. He claims I mean a lot to him, but I am starting to grow my doubts, what do I do? Kind regards, a desperate reader


Hello there Desperate Reader!  Let’s see if I can’t turn you into a Relaxed Reader instead!  While I’m here at the Gold Saucer, let me tell you.. the games here are -incredibly- fun!  All the flashing lights and sounds, the bells and whistles, the..  oh, sorry.  Flitted up into the clouds there.  You’re starting to have your doubts that Your Number One still thinks and feels that you are -their- Number One.  They’ve been focusing on other things, other people, and even cutting your time short.  And, from what I’m gathering here, when you’ve spoken to him about it, he claims you still mean a lot?  There are two things I can see here, one of them much nicer than the other so we’ll start there.

It’s quite possible that you truly are still his Number One!  Depending how long you’ve been together, or how much time you usually spend around each other, there comes a point when the ‘newness’ of a partnering wears off a bit and.. you simply feel more comfortable with the person, knowing they’re still going to be there.  Maybe that’s where he is right now?  Comfortable.  Comfortable enough in the solidity of your partnering that he doesn’t feel that desperate, urgent need to spend every possible moment with you.  It can absolutely -seem- like you’re not his Number One, if he’s focusing on other things or other people, though maybe he just misses the company of his other friends or his hobbies that he had before?  Maybe he’s stressed out about something (I’ve given advice about that one before!) and is turning to the mindless games of the Gold Saucer to let his brain just not have to think for a while?  There’s always so many reasons, so many aspects it could be.  And, also advice that I give out practically every time..  keep talking to him.  Keep that line of communication open.  It is -essential- to any relationship, whether it’s friendship or partnership or even parent to child or vice versa or anything in between.


Here’s where it gets a bit tricksy though.  He might be trying to pull away.  I know this is your fear, and there are a lot of hints that you’ve said that would certainly lead one to believe this.  However, again – Communication is the key.  Don’t push it, but do offer it.  Don’t accuse, that will just put some dust a fluttering.  Be understanding, gentle, keep an open mind.  If he is trying to pull away from you, he will say it at some point.  It is all just a matter of time.  And if he is, then I am truly sorry.  Sometimes Dearhearts don’t work out and that is just how the breeze blows.  If this is the case, there are many many -many- other breezes that will waft your way and one of them, when the time is right, just might bring to you or bring you to another Dearheart.  Be open for the possibility, but please.. please… be open to what your Number One has to say.  I wish you the very best of luck here, Dear Reader.  Write me again if you need some advice in the future.


And on that note, I would like to give a special shout-out to my own Dearheart, my own Flower.  I miss you.  I know I’ve been flitting about rather endlessly lately, but my wings will need a rest sometime very soon.  Leave a note for me at the Moogle Offices and let’s meet up again before the next moon has come and gone.


For those of you who are looking for your own Number One, it is here where I remind you that you can always drop in to the Daily Moogle offices and pick up a form for my Matchy Dates services!  There is also my Secret Admirer services in case there’s someone you already have your eye on, which if you’d like to use, leave a note for me with contact information and we’ll get started on that!  Until next time, where things won’t be -quite- so loud for me!

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