All Things for a Friend!

August 4, 2021

Hello Dearhearts, Soon to be Dearhearts, and all of you Dearest Readers out there!  This Butterfly Man has finally been able to take a small break from flitting around gathering Butterfly Dust, and stopped in to the Daily Moogle office to pick up any mail that might have been left for me.   WOW!  Someone left a real endearing one for me this time!  Let’s get right into it, then.


Dear Wes, I have a female Roegadyn friend who says she doesn’t find herself beautiful and even though I’ve put together a nice outfit for her, and made some nice pictures with- and of her, she still feels that way! What do I do!! She’s one of my closest friends and I think she’s one of the prettiest people in all of Eorzea! ;-;


First of all, THANK YOU for calling me Dear… you know you’ve struck the heart of a reader when they refer to you in such a flattering form.  I will do my very best to assuage your dilemna, my Dear Reader.  What I’m reading is that you’ve been attempting, though it seems quite in vain, to give your friend a healthy dose of self-confidence, but for some reason she’s not accepting it.  This is a common theme, believe it or not.  Since you seem to have exhausted all the routes of -showing- them how beautiful they are, my advice would be to find out -why-.  Get to the root of the problem, get to the core of it.  We all have issues that bother us, we all have our own weighty self-doubts and tragedies of our past that have formed our hesitations, whether it’s a hesitation to go out and talk to others or a hesitation in believing that we are, in fact, beautiful.  I’m certain that, since she’s one of your closest friends, she’s scratched the surface of this at some time or another.  Maybe you can remember a time when she spoke of something that wrecked her self-confidence.  This is the issue that needs tackled.  Find out what it is, why she feels that way, and then.. THEN if you need some more advice from me on where to go from there, do drop me another line!  And I will do my very best.


Speaking of doing my very best… this time I have a request of YOU, my Dear Readers.  You see, there’s a Not-Morbol-But-Very-Much-A-Flower woman out there that I met at the Phoenix Summer Trading some suns back, and… I’m afraid have not seen her since.  Maybe if she’s reading, she could drop in to the Moogle Offices?  They’ll know how to get in touch with me!  Ah, but enough about that, there’s other things to think about than Butterflies and Flowers!  This does remind me though, if YOU have someone in mind that you’re looking for, or rather that you’re looking to get to know better, why don’t you contact me about my Secret Admirerererererer services?  They work!  The maiden flight on that was a success and I am positive any subsequent flits will be just as successful.  Don’t forget as well that you can always sign up for the Matchy Dates service, I have a few matches waiting around but not the right matches to be made to them just yet!  Stop by the Daily Moogle offices and pick up a form, fill it out, let it drift into my box, and I’ll find the best Matchy for you that I absolutely can!


Until next time Dearest of Friends, Dearest of Readers, Dearest of Dearhearts, and Dearest of Soon to be Dearhearts!  (OOC Note – Feel free to join The Daily Moogle discord server, and follow us on Twitter!)

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