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July 17, 2021

Hello Dearhearts and Soon To Be Dearhearts!  This time I’m writing to you from the BRAND NEW Offices of The Daily Moogle!  It’s such an exciting time in our history, and word has flit across the breeze that there may be some sort of Housewarming shindig happening in the future.. if there is, I’ll be sure to pass along the details as they become available!  


Speaking of exciting times though, as well as shindig’s, today’s column is expressly so I can tell you about the newest and most exciting thing happening in the near future, Matchy Friends!  Now, I’m sure all of you are already quite familiar with my Matchy Date’s service, even if you haven’t used it (yet).  Which the Matchy Dates are now, and will be as always, with forms located in The Daily Moogle offices that you just need to pick up and fill out and then leave for me!  It’s truly that easy to let me start you on the road to finding your Dearheart.  


But back to the topic of Matchy Friends!  I know how hard it is to find a Dearheart, and sometimes you’re not even looking for a Dearheart but just a Heart to share a friendship with, and that can be daunting!  If you find yourself having trouble making friends, then let me help you there as well!  Coming up in two short weeks from today (Saturday, July 31st) The Daily Moogle is hosting the Matchy Friends event at the Slice of Life Community Center!  It’s a fun little twist on what you may have heard referred to as ‘speed dating’.  At the event, all the potential friends will be divided into two groups, one group to be a stationary set and the other group to be led around between the stationary potential friends!  After a few rounds of timed intervals have been had, everyone is invited to come into the main areas and do some light group oriented socializing with those that are there.  Now, I won’t give away -all- the secrets and surprises, and let me tell you there are a few of those too!  THIS is very important though, Dearhearts – There will be a limited amount of spaces available, so if you’re thinking of grabbing yourself a spot and making some new potential friends, you’d better reach out quickly!  And just so you know?  It is not only hosted by The Daily Moogle, but Yours Truly, Wes – The Butterfly Man, is going to be the one running it all!  Can you imagine that?  WOW!  It’s ME!  So I wholeheartedly hope to see you there.  


Before I let you all go flit away, I’ll just say again that exciting times are happening with The Daily Moogle, and there are several plans in the works from us to you, all our Dearheart Readers!  Stay tuned, you won’t be sorry!  Until next time, may all your dreams be filled with the sparkliest of Butterfly Dust!

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