All Things Matchy Dates, Progress!

June 28, 2021

Hello Dearhearts and Soon to be Dearhearts!  Here in the Land o’ Butterfly, this fluttery one has been taking flight with various forms and WOW!  It is exciting!  To start things off, News in the Land o’ Matchy. 


Wes’ Wild Matchy Dates is up and running, with an easy to fill out form!  Drop on in to The Daily Moogle offices to pick up yours today, and take that next step into finding your very own Dearheart.  I am pleased to announce that I have, in fact, been doing some of that Matchy Magic lately! However!  I would be able to do even more matches if… I had more forms to pick and choose from!  Now I know, you might be thinking ‘…but Wes, what if it doesn’t work out?’  Fear not, hopeful Dearhearts, if it doesn’t work out, you simply let me know, and I’ll put your name back in to the mix of matches!  Remember that there is a Dearheart out there just waiting.. and waiting.. and waiting… (like my own, I’m sure.  Where are you, My Dearheart?) but if you stand still, you’ll never manage to step toward them.  Stand still no longer!  Drop on in the office, pick up a form, and let me handle the rest!


Speaking of handling… there are currently some whom I am unable to Match due to.. well, lack of those to Match them with!  Some forms I receive are very specific in their wants and needs, others a bit more loose, but I promise I really do the utmost to make the perfect Matches for everyone.  So if you’ve put a form in sometime in the past, don’t worry.. they’ve not gotten lost.  There’s just not the right Dearheart or Potential Dearheart that have dropped in their form yet.


Don’t forget also lovely Dearhearts, if you already have someone caught in your eye but simply don’t know how to approach them, let this Butterfly Man handle that for you!  Sign up for the Secret Admirer…er service today, and get in on the groundbreaking new way to discover your potential Dearheart!  The Plans Of Action vary, from extremely subtle to only minimally subtle, with plenty of wiggle room in-between.  I feel like I’ve done such a good job with these, if I weren’t the one running them?  I’d certainly talk to myself about this service!  Well.  If I had a crush on someone.  The thing is, I don’t have a crush on someone.  I have a crush on -everyone-.  It’s a bit complicated, I know!  Dearheart, do you have a crush on me?  Oh.. right, supposed to be helping you all find YOUR Dearhearts.  And I will!


I know this is a short one this time Dearhearts, I just wanted to let you know I hadn’t forgotten about you, hadn’t forgotten about your Matchies, and hadn’t forgotten that there’s a whole lotta love to give and it is one of my most solemn jobs, as a Butterfly Man, to flit from heart to heart and distribute this lotta love!  Until next time Dearhearts, keep your hearts open and your feet moving and your Dearheart is sure to come along at just the right time!

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