All Things Personal, and a Things Re-do!

June 18, 2021

Hello Dearhearts and Future Dearhearts!  I’ve got a lot of air to cover today, so let me just flit on over to these questions and get the breeze blowing.


What do you do when you’re not busy with Matchy Dates or the advice column?
I’m a bit of a wanderer, you see.  I flit here, I flit there… I do have a perfectly pink palace…. I mean.. -place-.. where I rest my wings at night, but I’m liable to be flying high over all of Eorzea at any given moment.  Butterfly Dust doesn’t collect itself, you know.



Wes, I was planning to go on a date but then my lucky suit got stained and I panicked and called it off. Can you help me recover this and do you have suggestions for a good stain remover?

First of all, let me stress something I’ve said in previous Fluttery articles.  Nobody is perfect.  That means -nothing- is either.  So your lucky suit got stained, does that make it not lucky any longer?  Well, why would it!  Maybe the stain, whatever it is, could work in your favor really.  You could always use it as a conversation point.  But let me help you try and get the stain out first, then maybe that method would need to be touched upon.  Cold water is always best when trying to get stains out, at least initially.  Using hot water is sure to just set that discoloration right in.  This is where it gets tricky though, because different stains require different ways of removal.  For example : If something WHITE or LIGHT COLORED has a stain on it, you’ll want to get yourself some kind of lemon and squeeze enough of the juice to soak that stain.  Be careful though!  Lemons have natural properties in them that take color out, so make sure none of the juice gets on any of the colored bits, or the rest of the clothing you’re wearing!  If you’ve got some kind of OILY SUBSTANCE on your clothes, you’ll want something with a powdered, chalky consistency, and if it happened to be RED WINE that stained it, use salt or a cold salted water paste to lift it out.  Another warning here though, make sure that you get -all- the salt particles off the clothing before you go to wash it, else you might have some white spots instead!  And if it is red wine, the longer it sits.. the harder it is to remove.  So take care of that one straight away!


As for getting the date back, just explain to them what happened.  That your favorite outfit was stained, and that you would still like to do that date with them so can they forgive you for the panic?  If they’re worth dating, this will be sufficient enough of a reason for them.. and a funny story to look nostalgically back on in the future.


And now for the follow-up to an earlier Fluttery Question :

Thank you for your advice. I try to do what you suggest and get to know her better, but I feel I am keeping too many secrets from her. I am afraid of sharing too much of myself with her, I feel she is going to hate me. Do you know what I should do? (k)

My Dearheart Reader, I’m happy you came to me once more about your situation!  It warms my own heart to know beyond a doubt that my words have helped, at least somewhat.  Let me try to help again.  We all have secrets, every one of us.  Some of them may seem like a big deal, others may not, but you’re never going to know 100% every last thing there is to know about someone else, since we’re all growing and changing.  I was once a caterpillar and now look at me!  When you say ‘too many secrets’, you should probably ask yourself.. why are you keeping them?  Are these secrets worth keeping?  I can’t stress enough that we never know how someone else is going to react, and if they do indeed react poorly to the True Us that comes out, then that Dearheart very simply isn’t the right Dearheart for us.  I don’t know what the depth of these secrets are, but if you want to be with her, you’ve got to give it a chance.  A chance that she’ll understand.  Because a True Dearheart will.  Let me put it this way, she’s going to know you’re keeping things, and she’s going to start asking.  Wouldn’t it be better to share first, and open that line of communication, before it is pre-emptively severed?  If -she- feels you’re keeping secrets, she’s going to lose some of that trust you’ve already been working so hard to build.  Now I have no idea what to answer to the (k) bit, but I’m leaving it there in case it’s some sort of code for someone.  That, itself, is a secret! 


That’s about all the time I have for this column this day, rest assured you can keep all your questions coming in to The Daily Moogle and they’ll waft gently toward me when I settle again to pick up those precious sheafs.  Until next time, Dearhearts, and don’t forget to put -your- names in to the Matchy Dates service if you’re still searching for your very own Dearheart!

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