All Things Philosophical?

June 5, 2021

Hello again Dearhearts!  I know, you’re thinking ‘But Wes, didn’t you just answer two very tough questions -yesterday-?’  This is true my Dear Readers, however.. the questions of the heart and mind are there all the time and not just once a moon or once a week or even once a sun.  And since this one was also a particularly difficult one, I thought it best to tackle it now, on its own, rather than waiting for more questions to flit in and gather them all together.  So here goes, my Dearest Readers.


The Question : What about those who cannot find love, or do not believe in such, or even do not want and prefer to live in solitude? I would like for everyone to find someone, be it family, friends or romantic. Love is love, it’s needed, or so I believe. What is your opinion on it? (I’m sorry if it’s a bit of philosophical question.)


First, you hit the dust off the wings by saying Love is love.  That is my opinion, and I believe a fair enough truth too.  There’s so many different kinds of love, some so very hard to describe.  I, too, would like for everyone to find someone and feel it is needed.  It is a fundamental of life and if you don’t have it in some form or another, it can be extremely detrimental.  And I’m not talking just romantic love here, because some people, as you also stated, don’t believe in or do not want it.  Solitude isn’t a bad thing, not at all!  As long as it isn’t -complete- solitude.  And some people feel stronger bonds to, say, an animal that to other humanoids.  I have a -very- strong bond to other butterflies, let me tell you.  They just -get- me.  And I get them.  Plus they provide me with this very special dust that… Ah, nevermind that, back to the question.


What about those who cannot find love?  You mean like me, for instance.  WELL.  This is where services like my Matchy Dates come into play.  Though allow -me- to be a bit philosophical here too, and answer this with some Tough Love.  If you’re looking for love, and you’re not finding it, ask yourself this.  Do You Love Yourself?  Do You Accept Yourself?  If you answer ‘no’ to either of these questions, you know what you need to do.  Because how can we expect others to love us if we don’t even love ourselves?  Yeah.. hard hitting winds, that one.  Oof.


If you don’t ‘believe’ in love, then I think maybe your definition of love is a little too narrow.  See above, so many different kinds of love.  And if you don’t ‘want’ it, I point also to that same statement. 


My Dearest Dearhearts, these are just my opinions and I don’t have all the answers, I am but a Butterfly trapped in a man’s body.  Some days I can powder you with wisdom, others all I do is fly around in circles.  But that’s alright, because that’s Me and I accept Me and I Love Me.  I wouldn’t be Me if I weren’t like this, and there is nobody else like Me!


Until next time, keep being YOU, my Dearest Dearhearts!

2 Responses

  1. Powerful words from a wise, energetic man! You do you Wes and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  2. Oh so that is where all of the dust originates… that makes so much more sense. Thank you for this Wes, I guess being a little different is quite all right!

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