All Things See-ing!

September 24, 2021

Hello Dear Readers, Dearhearts, and Soon to be Dearhearts!  In preparation for my Guest Announcer spot in just two suns from now with the EGF (Which I’ve found out by now, it stands for Eorzea’s Greatest Fighter!  WOW!  How neat is that!)  I found myself fluttering back to the office to grab some more butterfly dust and have it sent over to Thanalan, where the EGF Rising Stars will be featured at the Wanderer’s Respite!  I figure I’m going to need -plenty- of dust for after the fights, to help put some cheer back into the fans if their favorites happen to lose.  So catch me there, Wes, the Butterfly Man, debuting as Guest Announcer!


While in the office I found that one of you had written me again!  This one comes from the snowy lands of Coerthas and that magnificent city-state of Ishgard!  Let’s put on some heavy coats and dive right in.


Dear Wes, This makes me feel rather silly to be asking, but my partner and I have to unfortunately hide our love from the prying eyes of Ishgard for the foreseeable future. Ideally, I’d ask for you to remedy that situation, but it is a monumental task. Instead, I’d like some advice on how to make it easier for the both of us – date ideas and the like which don’t involve a more public presence.


Dear Reader, let me say something to you and everyone out there.  You don’t have to feel silly when you write to me.  Problems are problems, and I will help if I can.  I mean, I’m a man that wears Butterfly Wings attached to his robe, can you get much sillier than that?  And yet, you all come to me anyway, seeking advice.  Thank you.


Woah boy, this is difficult to say the least.  Ishgard, while beginning to open its gates to what they refer to as ‘Outsiders’ is, gradually, accepting some of the rest of Eorzea’s ways as well as restructuring how things are done there, they’re still just tapping their wings a little bit along those surfaces and haven’t learned to fly free just yet.  So I definitely can’t remedy that you have to hide.  While I don’t know what your situation is and it could be many numerous things, I do know a few places it might be nice to take a date!


1) The Firmament – Out of all of the places in all of Ishgard, the Firmament is the most progressive area.  But it’s just new houses, I hear you say.  Wrong!  It is so much more than that!  The majority of it is indeed housing for those displaced by the war, however, near the Risen Quarter are several small and one larger warming pool, called Snowsoak Springs!  There you can sit in those warm waters, get a soothing massage, or just look out at the greater part of the Firmament and revel in its beauty and hope.  There’s also plenty of statues and monuments string throughout the whole of the area, as well as a spectacular view from Saint Roelle’s Dais.


2) The Forgotten Knight – While it is true that sometimes the Nobility like to sneak down to at least this level directly above the Brume to snag a drink of that famous Twice Mulled Wine, with it being so close to the Brume, there’s always a decent chance you can head here and find a nice corner to settle into for a less than public presence.  There’s a quite sizeable fire to settle near, a wide array of drinks, and – two exits in case you need to make a quick getaway.


3) The Holy Stables – Yes, I know.  Why take a date to chocobo stables, of all places?  Well, if you and your partner like animals, then.. why not?  The stables themselves are tucked away in a corner of Ishgard, on the level almost directly below the Skysteel Manufactory.  And we know how progressive -that- place is!  There isn’t just the stables there, there aren’t just chocobo to see, there’s a whole area you can walk around in with a big fire pit, or even a nice table inside the Stable House you can sit at that also boasts a fireplace if you need to rest your weary feet for a while after all that walking.  Or you could even talk to the Chocobokeep outside the building and take a porter over to Falcon’s Nest!  The Holy See are less likely to attach their eyes to you if you’re not even in the city itself.


WHEW!  That was a cold bit of flying I had to do there.  But at least I have some ideas of my own now of where I might be able to escort my Flower when we find ourselves with some time on our hands and not off saving Eorzea in our own beautiful and unique ways.  It’ll happen someday.  Maybe even soon.  Speaking of Dearhearts though, if you’re still looking for your own, do not hesitate to drop into the Daily Moogle offices in the Mist and pick up a Matchy Dates Form!  I have a whole list of matches and.. strangely -still- none of them seem drawn to each other?  That means, Dear Readers, that if you’ve ever thought about putting in a form but haven’t done it because you thought your chances would be slim, GUESS WHAT!  There’s a loooot of folks waiting for matches now.  And I would love to bring more of you together!  So drop in to the Daily Moogle offices today and pick up your own form!


Until next time, my friends, may the heat that you feel be from the love of your Dearheart or another of your lovely Dear Friends through hugs and laughter…

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