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August 7, 2021

Hello again Dearhearts, Soon To Be Dearhearts, and all our most lovely Dear Readers!  After dropping off a healthy couple of bags of butterfly dust to the office, I checked my letterbox and WOW!  Another letter from one of you!  It warms my heart so much to know that you trust me as the one to come to for flittery, floaty, love-dusted advice.  Without further breezes, let’s settle this new topic.


Dear Wes, I am a single woman approaching my thirtieth summer, and I have terrible luck in love. I am scared of most men, and don’t find myself attracted to many – but when I do find someone I develop feelings for, they always reject me. Am I destined to be alone forever? Is this divine punishment for past transgressions, and if so what can I do to repent? Kind regards, Lonely Freckles


Dear Freckles!  Woe is the heart that keeps trying to give and trying to give and receives nothing in return.  Trust me, even Butterfly Men can have their sad days.  I’m not going to go into the whole cliched ‘you just haven’t found the right one yet’ because that’s not entirely true.  I mean, sure maybe you haven’t found him, but that’s not the only issue here.  And the issue is certainly not past transgressions.   The past is the past, lovely Freckles, and the bestest everest thing to do is to -Learn From It-.  You say that you’re being rejected.  Do you know why?  Have you asked?  What has been said?  How can these answers be used to help you to grow and change?  You said that you’re scared of men, maybe the men you’ve been approaching, the men you’re attracted to, they sense this fear and it scares them in turn?  Now, I’m going to be super serious and borderline harsh here, my freckled friend.  Work on yourself.  Accept yourself.  This is an absolute MUST before attempting to engage in any sort of relationship.  If you don’t know who you are, and you’re not solidly and proudly standing with this knowledge, how can you expect a man to accept you?  OUCH… yes.. I know.  And I’m sorry.  My sweet Freckles, this comes from a place of experience.  I’m not doling out advice here on a topic I know nothing of.  It took me a long time to find out that I wanted to be a Butterfly Man and I am so very much happier now that I am.  If others don’t accept me like this, then they’re not worth having around.  Simple.  And if they do?  Then great friendships can be formed, like I have with Friend Mizuno and Friend Kiyo!  And someday I will find the Flower I am looking for, too.  He or She are out there.  But I’m not looking for them, I’ll come across them when it is time for me to.  And that’s going to happen with you, too, Freckles.  Maybe you’ve met your man already, but the timing just wasn’t right.  Learn who you are, be confident in who you are and what you want, and good things will happen.  Find out -why- you’re scared of men.  Face that fear, and flit away from it.  You owe it to yourself.  If you need there to be some kind of ‘repentance’, then let this Self-Discovery be just that.


My Dear Readers, you know that I have your best interests at heart, always.  This being said, I will remind you of my Matchy Dates service.  Don’t be shy!  Let ME do the work for you.  All you have to do is drop by The Daily Moogle offices, pick up a form, fill it out, drop it in my letterbox, and I’ll give you a Matchy as soon as I find one suitable!  This process can take some time, as right now there’s not all that many Matchy Forms in my possession.  Help me to help you, and give me more to Match with!  I do so love helping you Readers out, I can’t stress this enough.  Don’t forget I also have the Secret Admirer…er.. service as well, if you already have someone in your sights and you just can’t seem to find the perfect way to tell them how you feel.  I can help with that too!  Drop by The Daily Moogle offices and inquire about this for more information.  Until next time, Dear Readers!

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