All things summery! Featuring Mizuno.

August 13, 2021

Hello dear readers!

Today I come with something different! One of our readers made a request in the advice column that was surprisingly addressed to me, such fun! So without further delay:

To Mizuno, as Summer is nearing it’s 2nd half, I feel like I’ve barely done anything to properly enjoy and appreciate this time of the year. Do you know about any fun ideas or activities I could do?

There are plenty of things to do! And I know many. See, that wasn’t so hard, another job well done!


After I turned this in to the editor I was politely reminded I should add more words or my horns would serve as a paperweight.

As for fun pastimes: You could scope out the Morbol mating season! It’s a unique experience and not without danger but definitely a worthwhile one. Just remember, keep a wide distance and don’t bring any pungent smelling items! 
Next, you could take a pilgrimage tour to the Mothman! Read up in our previous articles how we came to find a shrine to the Mothman and set out! Who knows, maybe you could leave a note and having an item returned you thought lost. 
You could go start a journal on mythical creatures, I heard a while ago there might be a Flan Queen roaming out there!

You could go on a culinary adventure, there’s a marvel of places out there! Scents and flavors just waiting to be explored, just imagine .. a cosy restaurant with battered fish, a pastel café with all manner of desserts, a tearoom for a more refined experience. Failing that, if you’re more into the active ongoings you could go to one of the fight nights that happen every so often! Meet and greet with fighters, kick back with a drink, watch how they compete for a title!

If these things don’t suit your fancy, why not organize something of your own? There are countless opportunities out there and we at the Daily Moogle would be more than willing to help you out with that! Don’t be shy and send in those requests (#requests at the Daily Moogle discord)

In closing, have I answered this question? This intern’s paycheck certainly hopes so.

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