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November 9, 2021

Hello again Dear Readers, Dearhearts and Soon to be Dearhearts!  Let me say, this Butterfly has been flitting around -everywhere- again and WHEW!  It’s time for my wings to take a little break.  And when I say little, I mean.. very little.  There’s so much coming up, so many things to talk about!  Let’s fly right into it all.


The Daily Moogle offices held a very small but very fun All Saint’s Wake Party, which all of us that were there dressed up for!  Friend Nitori was a Tonberry (I think?  Though I couldn’t tell you what a Tonberry is, except maybe some sort of food?  Friend Mizuno said the costume would have been better with a knife.) while Friend Mizuno opted to be a giant Pumpkin.. let me tell you, he was the handsomest Pumpkin I’ve ever seen!  And Friend Kiyo was something called a Witch?  Whatever that is.  Yours Truly was a Pink Rabbit.  I know the newspaper drawings aren’t often in color, but it was definitely pink, because that’s my favorite color.  I was sad that Flower didn’t get to make it, though understandably that’s the life of an adventurer.  When a job comes open, you have to take it while you can. 

Now we reach the point in the article where I get to talk about all the exciting new things about to happen!  Let me start with some Daily Moogle scoup.  I’m looking to have another Matchy Friends event happening sometime before the end of Heavensturn.  One issue currently is that I haven’t found an appropriate location!  Since the first one was in the Lavender Beds and the second one was in Mist, this time I’d love to find some place in the Goblet willing to let us meander around for the evening.  If YOU have a place you believe might fit the criteria and you’d be up for having a bunch of new friends around for an evening, don’t hesitate to drop me a line in the Daily Moogle offices!  I have a box there, specifically to recieve mail from you lovely Readers.


There is also tentative plans for a Starlight event, complete with secretive gift giving!  WOW!  That sounds so neat!  I can’t divulge many details on that one just yet, but urge everyone interested to watch this spot for more information as it becomes available.


Now.  My Dear Readers.  I have a bit of good news, and a bit of bad news.  I’ll hit you with the bad news first, so we can end things on a pleasant breeze.  The bad news is, I cannot currently take Matchy Date applications.  They -will- come back open at some point, but for now I’m afraid my Matching days are on a pause.  I’ve received quite a handful of applications and.. no way to get back in touch with the one who put the application in.  So I’ll be sending out a message to those who I -am- able to contact, and see if you’d like to keep your form ready and waiting for when they do open back up.  So it isn’t all bad news, just temporary bad news!


But let’s get into the -good- news now.  Me, Wes the Butterfly Man, is going to be heading into the great wide world of…  interview!  Yes, that’s right!  You’ve seen several other staff members take interviews and write lovely articles, and now you’ll get a Wes-Take on what is happening!  The topics I’ll be looking to cover include but are not limited to : Those of you who run certain hot spots around Eorzea, Those of you who own a business and are looking to drum up some more customers, Those of you who are running one-time (or maybe even repeated) events and are looking for participants for it.  That’s just to name a few!  If by chance you’re one of these Those Of You’s and would like to be interviewed by this Butterfly, feel free to drop a line in the mail to the Daily Moogle offices!  I reserve the right to pick and choose who I interview based on my own availability as well as if the subject has been interviewed in the past, and also if I feel an interview would be an appropriate avenue.  In other words, don’t slide up to this guy and open your display bag with a spattering of cheaply made chronometers and expect a fluttery beat of my wings and a spot in the paper for my next article.  I may have my head way way WAY up in the clouds a lot, but that doesn’t mean I’m all that easily fooled.


And that’s it for now!  The next time you read an article, it just may very well be from the Butterfly Perspective of Interviewing!  Until next time, may the Dust on your Wings ever fly you to your Dearheart Flowers, or help you find your own.

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