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August 14, 2021

Hello again Dearhearts, Soon To Be Dearhearts, and all you fabulous and extremely Dear Readers!  Let me tell you, The Daily Moogle had quite the influx of questions yesterday, and not all of them were directed to myself!  Seeing that two of them were, why don’t I jump on in to those and spread around a bit of Butterfly Dust on this day!


Hi Wes, I’m your biggest fan! Where did you get youre wings from? Are they custommade? How old are you?


WOW!  WOW WOW!  I have an actual fan, and a BIGGEST one as well!  You don’t know how happy this makes me, you dear sweet wonderful reader!  Why, I think I just flew to new heights, just now!  Well alright maybe not -quite- new heights but very very close to new heights.  Only one other event that happened.. well, just before I made my way back to the offices, that made me fly to new heights.  STILL!  If not for that event, this would have been the top.  So thank you.


Where did I get my wings from?  I’m a butterfly, my wings came out when I emerged from my cocoon.  JUST KIDDING!  I am actually a man, though, as I was told just yesterday by a very pretty Flower, that they almost look like they’re a part of me, and that in a sense they are.  And they are!  From the very moment I laid eyes on this robe, because you see the wings are actually attached to it, I said…  that’s me.  And so it was.


How old am I?  Now that’s a good question.  Moving on.


Dearest Wes, the object of my affection is an absolute dense person, yet an absolute dreamboat. Please help me breach the barriers of his density, I beseech thee!


Now how can I not answer this to the utmost, when I am being -beseeched-!  Such a lovely word.  So the object of your affection is dense, and you wish to break through this.  There’s only one way to really do this, I’m afraid.  If this dreamboat of yours isn’t getting the hint, then he’s probably not one who gets hints easily.  Does he seem distracted often?  Lose his train of thought and bounce from topic to topic to..  you know what, I really need to replenish my butterfly dust supplies, they’re starting to get a bit low.  Also I think Ladybird might have made a small tear in my robe, better get that to the weavers quickly…  where was I?  OH!  Right.  Breaching the barriers of his density.  As I said, there’s only one way to do this.  Lay it out, straight, flat, right at his feet.  Or into his hands or.. you know what I mean.  This does not sound like the kind of man where you can just beat around the bush, you’ve got to say what you mean and mean what you say.  Wait a second.. I think I said this same thing to Friend Flower too…  Huh.


Well, that’s all I have time for right now, I actually have some things I need to be doing on a personal level!  Can you believe that?  Don’t you fret though my Dear Readers, if you have more questions, I will come back very very soon and give you the answers.  That is a promise, from a Butterfly to a Dear Reader.  As usual, don’t forget to drop in to The Daily Moogle offices and pick up a form for Matchy Dates, or request some information about the Secret Admirer services that I offer.  There’s some insight coming soon about that one, don’t you worry!  Until next time, when I have a bit more time!

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