Alyx greywind – The Champion we deserve!

June 3, 2021

At the wanderers respite where alyx can be found meditating

Trying to get an interview with the elusive Alyx Greywind has been quite difficult. Until today when on my way to check in at the Wanderer’s Respite i spied the blue haired miqo’te meditating in the lounge. Seizing the opportunity I went on over and asked if I could get an interview and she obliged. So let’s see what Alyx has to say about her opponent’s comments.

Alyx calls herself a newcomer to the fight scene. Only being around for the past two years. But as her rankings on the Iron Lynx leaderboard suggest she is not to be taken lightly. Already has a win lose ratio of 2-0 putting her easily in the Lynx top ten.

Starting with the easy questions I had to ask, just how did she get this title opportunity. As my dear readers should be well aware, her opponent, one R’dei Rhes, accuses her of taking what is rightfully hers. That being the EGF title.

 “See I was bored one evening at the Respite and I overheard talk of the history of the place and Hart mentioned the tournament from way back? We were sat down with the previous champion and I, being excitable, decided to challenge him… and truthfully I wasn’t thinking much of it back then but here we are! Gyl who was the previous champ couldn’t make it so Dei was called in his stead as the runner up last time.”

Gylbart carver the former EGA champion (the EGFs previous title before being brought back in its modern guise) had to relinquish the title after lingering injuries forced him to retire.

So Hartgeim the promoter of the event just gave her a title shot? “Yup, there was whole talk about bringing back the EGF and then there was this whole title match talk, I -really- like combat honestly so I wasn’t going to back down at all.”

So it would seem that some of R’deis claims about Alyx taking whats rightfully hers could be true? Possibly but as i probed Alyx did shed some light on the Hostility between her and Dei.

Dei? She’s got it out for me… it’s sad since my teasing of her is mostly just that? I think she’s a rather quirky lass and I haven’t got anything against her you know?”

Nothing against R’dei so could it be that this feud between Alyx and R’dei is just on the psycho seekers own mind? Maybe some inferiority complex.

Continuing our discussion about her opponent I had to ask her what she thought about her opponents comments about the use of Aetheric abilities more specifically magic in the cage being paramount to cheating?

“It’s not, it’s an art as much as anything else right? We all have different talents and that’s ok, I’d be foolish to call the use of tech cheating as it’s as much an art as aether manipulation, we all augment our base selves in some manner, from weaponry as crude as clubs and sticks to the most advanced magitek of today, it’s all fair game to me.”

It would seem that Miss Greywind has a mindset that all is fair in the cage as the promoter Miss Ubyltuwyn seems to agree with given her previous remarks on commentary.

So I continued asking Alyx what she thought of R’deis parting words, specifically “ I’z gonna crush Alyx! Mebbe even break ‘r legs ‘r puncture a lung!”

“I welcome a good fight and can respect strength but if she cannot hold restraint I’ll use what’s available to me to strike back, I’m there to put on a show, not get beaten half to death to a point where it’ll take months to recover… I’ve got a family to protect in these dangerous times and I’m already recovering from losing my left eye, I’ll put up a fight for sure but I’m not going to let myself get thrust into a position where I can’t do my job for months after… no friendly fight no matter how gritty it is, is worth that.”

As I looked up I did finally note that one of Miss Greywinds eyes was colourless compared to her other blazing blue eye. I could ot help but ask how it happened and if she had prepared herself to work with this handicap in a short space of time?

“It’s a long story for sure, I’m lucky I’m even alive to partake in the event tonight to begin but… yes I’ve come up with -something- that can offset the lack of an eye for now, it’s not a fix in the long run and it’s a massive drain on aether but right now it’ll do.”

It seems that this is a woman who doesn’t lack skill when it comes to Aetheric ability. That is for sure, let’s hope folks that this handicap does not cost her dearly.

I had to ask if she felt that she had favourable odds considering her current handicap.

“Not at all, I’m fighting at a disadvantage, this is Dei’s turf so to speak and I’m fighting with a handicap… but I’ll put on a show all the same, if anything it’ll be quite… flashy? It’s a title match and if I didn’t at least make things interesting then why fight at all? Win or Lose? I’ll take the outcome quite modestly and walk away quite fulfilled I’d say.”

Truly Alyx has a champion’s spirit and a good sense of sportsmanship.

I couldn’t help but mention that after yesterday’s interview it was refreshing to hear that at least one future champion had the right mindset and that I expect the audience would be cheering her on.

“I guess Dei was throwing out mostly shade then hmm? Yeah, I don’t feel the same way at all, I’ll tease her of course but to me it’s friendly chatter, she’s a good lass and I hold nothing against her… as for people cheering? We’ll see! Most people are telling me to rest right now so I think I’ll be getting scolded a little for jumping right into a fight like this so soon! But we’ll see!”

I mentioned that if the promoter and the medical staff have no objections to her fighting then she must be healthy enough to step into the ring. Before I could ask anymore questions my ears perked up as I could hear the staf setting up for tonight’s events. Knowing full well I could make the evening edition if I hurried. I bid alyx good luck and asked her one last question.

Win or lose, will we be seeing more of her in future events?

“Maybe… we’ll see eh? The last few months have been exhausting and I want to conserve my strength as much as possible and as much as fights like these do give me a chance to exercise a bit. The real fights are out there in the world… I need to be able to protect it and those that are important to me at the drop of a hat so… yeah, we’ll see eh? “

As I write this article up I cannot help but look at the two contenders for tonight’s main event and marvel and the stark contrast. On one hand we have R’dei Rhes a woman who believes she is owed the title by right and is willing to go to any means necessary to win. Then there is Alyx Greywind a woman who was in the right place at the right time. Who when given the opportunity doesn’t back down even after suffering a serious injury. 

As a reporter I am supposed to remain unbiased and not side with either of these two but dear readers I think you know who I will be cheering for tonight.

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