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An Elemental Lecture Held In The Lavender Beds

May 28, 2021

Salynne Beauvelle gave a most interesting lecture upon the elements yesterday evening to a small group gathered in The Lavender Beds of The Black Shroud. 

She covered ‘The Six Nativities’ and discussed the nature and theory of the elements and their application. As well as the wheel of magic and how the elements interact and at times oppose one another.

Miss Beauvelle was quite willing to accept questions and clarify any points made as she covered the topic, a weighty one indeed!

She also discussed the application of elemental aspected crystals. One such example used in the lecture would be that of the application of wind crystals in airships. 

This also led to discourse on the use of crystals in combat. A topic that I can only imagine will be very useful to those adventurers in the crowd. 

Miss Beauvelle  posited a number of scenarios for those gathered giving them the opportunity to discuss what would be the best application of elemental energies.

I found the discussion to be not only interesting but lively. Miss Beauvelle was well prepared to cover the topics at hand and answer the questions of those gathered. 

Should you dear reader find yourself available for another of Salynne Beauvelle’s lectures I can highly recommend attending, should you have an interest in all things magical!

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  1. Sounds elemntary! I have no idea how any of it works or sounds, nor did I understand most of it, but she seems very dedicated!

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