An evening at the Solar Solace Café

May 27, 2021

Dear reader,

Last night I found myself wandering with a hunger in Ul’dah and stumbled upon a café. Not just any café mind you, but the Solar Solace café. You’ll never guess what happened next!

So what happened next is that I went in the place and ordered something to eat! The cosy egg-shaped chairs were very inviting and comfortable. Their big menu board was apparently not big enough for the Mizuno you’ve all come to know and love, as I completely missed it. Still, the staff was more than helpful to point me to said board and to give me a handheld menu, what service!

After I got my food and got seated I saw the familiar woman that was Gill Gibbs Ghute, who seemed to be friends with the bronze tanned, golden haired Miqo’te man behind the counter. They were talking about gunblades and suddenly Nero, my rival this sunday came to mention. He follows the way of the gunbreaker, but I didn’t get more than that, it started to get loud as more people arrived.

A Miqo’te female came in and was all upon chocolate milk, to the point that she purred at her beverage. A new arrival entered not long after, ordered himself a drink .. which I cannot remember exactly what but no matter. He tried to strike up conversation with the Miqo’te female enjoying her milk but failed at the first attempt, she seemed rather taken by this chocolate milk. I should try some next time.

As I finished my dodo omelette I wanted to find out more about the store and the siblings, that’s right siblings, directed me downstairs to the boss. A rather large Roegadyn by the name of Faezhaemr told me of the café and its history:
“Well I knew a lot of folks who were affected by the Calamity, then of course all the wars after that and I wanted to give them a place that they could find comfort in and take respite at with some good coffee and food. I never fought you see, I’m just a chef, but I do what I can. the Solar part comes from the city we’re in, it made sense and the Solace as it means comfort also rhymed.”

He was also kind enough to give me the name of the Miqo’te man behind the counter which was Tohjo and he told me his sister was called Jehnefri? I think something along those lines, I forgot to ask him to write the names down.
Before I left I was looking for some good cider and it just so happens the good owner himself makes it! He recommended mixed fruits, apples and pears. I gotten a few bottles just for the occasion.

In closing, chocolate milk next time? This intern believes so.

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Solar Solace Café
Ward: 4
Plot: 14

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Local well known mercenary Roegadame Gibbs [aka Gill] is looking to share her combat experience with willing students.