Another new hire! Wes the Butterfly man

May 6, 2021

Today I will write about a man that needs no introduction.

Introducing Wes, the Butterfly Man! He came bursting into our office like a butterfly winged tornado accompanied by a butterfly. He first came in to promote his Match Date services but as we came to talking it became clear our meeting was destined to be.

You see, Wes had been looking all his life for a reason to travel and I swooped in to offer him a career at the Daily Moogle. This was met with confusion as he feared he would have to give up his current doings as a matchmaker. Not to fear however, I quickly assured him he could combine them, thus reaching more people with his matchings while working for the Daily Moogle.

Our exchange became more and more energetic as I was swept away by the man’s enthusiasm. Going from the amount of our readers to wether his robes would get dirty during travel. I answered all of them perfectly and even went the extra yalm offering him his own column.

Yes! Soon you too will be able to enjoy “All Things Fluttery! Ask Wes, the Butterfly Man, about matters of the heart!” An advice column about love, romance and other things Wes.
In his own words Wes mentioned this: “Oh! Your poor love stricken readers! I will flutter the strickenness away from their hearts and treat them all with the most tender loving care they could ever receive! Until I find the match of their hearts of course!”

The deal was sealed with Wes doing an all-out spry dance across the office floor and the rest is history.

In closing, this intern looks forward to a new column.

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