Back in action, the hunt for a new creature!

August 25, 2021

Hello readers!

I’m back at it again, recently I’ve been able to live off of my sponsorship from Phoenix Trading what with the EGF ongoings but that money seems to be vanishing somehow. So I’m back to writing articles for money!

It came to my attention that there’s something lurking out there. A Mossman! Now I know, first a Mothman, now a Mossman but that’s how the news goes, she is a fickle mistress after all. 

Tales go of a hermit looking figure spotted within the deep forests of Gridania. Having talked to some woodsmen they say he hid his features with a high collar and a large hat. He was carrying a large stick as a staff that seemed to grow mushrooms on it. Quite peculiar all in all!

And there you have it! It definitely seems like all of these mythical creatures convene in Gridania for no apparent reason. I wish some of those would pop up in Thanalan, I wouldn’t mind going over there for an investigation for a change, maybe next time!

In closing, should I have been more careful with my sponsporship money? This intern believes so.

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