Big surprise entrants at EGF Lord of the Cage

February 1, 2022

After a action packed event the previous week at Heavensturn the EGF had to put on a barn stormer of a show to top it. 

From the onset the Lord of the Cage was a different kind of animal. Only one match the titular Lord of the Cage match, wherein 9 fighters compete to be the last one standing and claim the title Lord of the Cage and gain a opportunity at winning the EGF title.

To top of this spectacular event the Respites arena had been overhauled sporting more seating and a new octagonal arena.

The first two fighters to enter were U’nalia Odh making her return to the cage after a lengthy hiatus, the next was the Ravishing Rava Lorilae Hyskaris. The Rava had been having a hard time of late and had not been on her game but as she entered the cage she seemed to be more focused and her usual fun loving self.

The fight started off with Lorilae showing how eager she was to take the lead smacking Nalia with her chakrmas. Nalia would return the favour by slashing the Ravishing Rava, ruining her dress and cutting her open. This would be the only offence Naila got as Lorilae cleaned house and eliminated Nalia as time ran out.

No time to rest for the Rava however as soon she had eliminated U’nalia her next opponent made her entrance. Another returning face as the Golden Shield Rae Peak returns to the cage, not seen since her mauling at the hands of Gibbs. Rae would open strong, throwing out a devastating aether strike sending lorilae reeling into the cage wall. Lorilae would recover quickly, sweat pouring down her leaping off the cage using Raes own momentum against her. From their on same as before Lorilae continued to to open up on the Golden Shield. Rae would manage to avoid another blow from Lorilae as time was ticking down but in the last few moments Rae would find an opening and score to win her second round.

Once more Lorilae had no tiem to catch her breath as the one and only Rismo the Ronin took his spot as entrant number four. Wasting no time Lorilae would start to work over the Ronin with a one two combo however her exhaustion was showing as her attacks were becoming sloppy. Rismo would capitalise, cutting Lorilae and adding to the damage to her attire and helping make The Ravishing Rava more of a bloody mess. The pain would seem to wake Lorilae up just enough to refocus and score a final hit to win her third round.

By this point Lorilae was looking like herself but the cracks were showing. No time to rest, three drawn out fights had taken their toll on her, still she was raring to go.

The pop of the audience was electric as the mystery opponent walked into the cage revealing themselves to be none other than the current iron Lynx champion, the Astral Crusader Rumia Scarlett. You could see the Ravishing Rava looking concerned as Rumia took her position ready to throw down. Lorilaes speed and agility would allow her to get the first strike in but that was the last drop of cerulium in the bucket as she could not evade the sheer raw power of Rumia and her devastating axe strikes. Once more cut open and unable to find a opening as th round came to an end Rumia had taken the round as the Ravishing Rava still smiling collapsed to the floor exhausted and had to be helped out of the cage as the seventh entrant entered the cage.

Up at number seven was the Pink menace Tee Magnusdottir. Tee had made her EGF debut the week before devastating Lorilae in two rounds raring to go. I won’t lie folks i was disappointed to see we would not be getting a rematch between the two but still it was time to see if she could sink her claws into Rumia. 

Unfortunately Rumias sheer power as a one two and a devastating third strike with Rumias axe and Tee was sent sprawling to the floor knocked out cold.

With two eliminations to her name and only three more opponents to go Rumia looked confident and it really looked liek we could be seeing the Astral Crusader take the Lord of the Cage match and go onto fight Helga i na champion on champion match. However as she cried out “WHOS NEXT!” her face turned sour with an audible “oh no” as Talan Gelson entered the cage. 

Talan had been Rumias’ opponent in the Finals of the Iron Lynx tournament and he was rearing to get his rematch. 

Talan would open up launching himself at high speed with that dangerous wind aether attack strike. Going for the second stike Rumia would counter throwing her axe to one side and locking up with the Drunken brawler. Thrown off his game Rumia was able to get a cheap punch in but it would not help her as Talan came back swinging devastating Limsan headbutt to win the round.

With that entrant number eight enters the cage and its the Ala Mihgan Saint Johnny Gat. It was now the two former teammates going head to head in this round. We had seen this before in an impromptu exhibition match but never before have they fought over a prestigious opportunity like this, safe to say the friendship was out the window for this match.

Johnny would get one good punch in against talan unfortunately Talans mastery of wind aether and shear ruthless aggression would carry him to victory.

As the announcers counted down to the final contestant number nine could was nowhere to be found. Not wanting to end on a low note calling for someone to queue her music the owner of the EGF the jewel of Gyr Abania Hartgeim Ubyltuwyn would run down to the cage and take the missing fighters place. The two rivals squared off for round three as Talan got to work dominating Hartgeim almost as quickly as he had done so before. However as Talan went for his killing blow the Limsan headbutt Hartgeim would almost on instinct respond in kind by delivering her own headbutt at the same time. As the two skulls cracked the room went quiet as the two both collapsed and the referee started the count. One of the fighters need to stand before the referee counted to 10 to win at this point. Both started to stir as the ref got to the count of 8. Talan slowly pulling himself to his feet and Hartgeim slowly crawling o nall fours to the cage wall pulling herself up. The Jewels legs would give up on her however as she fell to the floor dazed and out of it as the referee counted ten and declaring Talan the inaugural Lord of the Cage winner. 

Well folks with that the EGF first Lord of the Cage show came to an end with Talan now getting a shot at his mentor the EGF champion Helga. To say thai will be a match you wotn want to miss is an understatement.

My final thoughtso n the show are that thai was a good night. Somewhat confusing for new audiences who may have coem in on thai special event but noen the less the nine fighters delivered a high octane action packed show with twists and turns. The highlights for me were the return of so many faces that had been out for the last 3 or four moon along with the debut of Rumia. My biggest highlight without a shadow of a doubt goes to the ravishing Rava herself. We dont know what happened to Lorilae during heavensturn as far as this reporter can assume she had her own personnel demons to slay but I am full glad she did because she is one of the highlights of a EGF card. To say that i believe it wont be long before Lorilae is in the title picture is not an understatement. 

With that i look forward like im sure all of you do for the announcement on the next big EGF show next moon. Stay glued to this paper for more EGF news.

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