Birthday party at the Velvet Lounge!

June 27, 2021

Hello again dear readers,

Follow me as I take you into a world previously unknown to me. A coming of age story (for someone else) and an all you can eat cake buffet! Such fun.

A couple of days ago Alys Rose had her name day. This was celebrated at the Velvet Lounge, which I have to admit is quite the place, ample room, frilly decorations, atmosphere. Top notch! However I’ll have to do a review of that some other day.
This is about Alys’ nameday and it has to be presented -just- right, not because of unrelated reasons like forgetting a present or so, not at all!

First, the birthday girl/lady/woman? Pick one. Alys was sporting a light blue and white dress which I could only admire, I’m a sucker for pastels, but I still have to uphold my Xaela heritage of having that scowl plastered face and not liking fun things, so no pastels for me. She also stopped dyeing her hair making it full white right now, I wonder if she used that morbol venom bleach thing she used on me a while back? That aside, she greeted us as only Alys could, full of spirit and excitement. When I say us, I’m talking about Kiyo, Gasian and myself.

Yes, we all received an exclusive invite to this all-you-can-eat-cake nameday! Yum. After a while N’evie and Maerviarro showed up, the final attendees. N’evie instantly got tackled by Alys and was dragged to the dessert table, spotting rainbow ice cream and chocolate cake. Simply mouth watering. And the ‘piece de résistance’ (I think that’s how that’s said in the cooking world) A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. While talking over all things sweet N’evie wonder if Alys had turned 500-ish but Alys brushed this aside and mentioned she became 25.

Some of the more “adventurous” amongst us decided to go and drink chocolate from the fountain, in a glass at the very least. Myself I did not dare such a thing, ever since I had that nightmare about chocolate fountains. You see, I was this greenhaired Lalafell with an impressive hairdo and a taste for chocolate fountains, through reasons unknown I was at this fancy dinner party and someone told me there were different types of chocolate fountains. Finding only one fountain I was rather distressed and never found all three of them! Then I woke up screaming, so no. No chocolate fountains for me ever, dear reader.

Beyond that it was a typical Eorzean birthday party I think, I mean this is my first but this is how I picture them. Awkward group hugs for some, some dancing after alcoholic persuasion, good fun! N’evie also mentioned another mythical creature called the Flan Queen which should merit some investigation in the future. For some reason this made Alys rather upset and it somehow involved Gasian. No idea what happened there. One last thing of note was that N’evie asked about the Au Ra horn rubbing thing, which yes we do. Some of us at least, it’s a thing. I mentioned in passing other things are rubbed as well and this seemed to spook Maerviarro and spike N’evie curiosity. 

As the evening came to an end I had to leave earlier with questions unanswered: Did N’evie ever say more about the Flan Queen? What happened with Gasian after she downed that entire bottle? Did she ever dance with Alys? Should I have followed up on that? Probably yes.

In closing, did I gorge myself on the cake? This intern believes so

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