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Brawl At Buscarron’s, Loud Lalafell Causes A Ruckus

June 3, 2021

Today dear readers we inform you of an altercation that occurred in the South Shroud. These events were recounted to us by the brave Viera Rheja Svolgur who came by our offices this very day!

According to Rheja tensions began when one Itus Tatus began accosting two people. One of whom was a Miqo’te chocobo breeder by the name of Rhai and the other was Rosa Alice the Hyr adventurer.

Rheja apparently stepped in when Itus Tatus threatened to cut off Rhai’s tail with his axe. Rheja suggesting an alternative solution to making a Miqo’te coat was that Itus attempt to find a Couerl instead. He did not find this to be a favorable option. 

Apparently Rosa Alice was able to calm down Itus sufficiently that he found a seat for himself. He was however not finished as he sneered at the Rheja and the other guests and loudly proclaimed his glory of being the “greatest warrior of fire” or the like.

Rheja however had her fill when Itus continued to draw his axe randomly. She stood up to the Lalafell telling him to and I quote “back off from me or we’re going to have issues.” Apparently she’d had enough of him being what she referred to as a “delusional asshat”. 

With that Rheja challenged Itus requesting that he bring his axe and his grievances outside. Itus accepted the challenge. It did however take Rheja and a local guardsman, one Roegadyn clad in mechanized gear, before Itus agreed. 

He was not sporting about the whole affair. First Itus emptied a bottle and tossed it at Rheja’s head. The bottle’s glass shattering and cutting her brow!

The two battled before Buscarron’s Druthers soon after. Apparently neither fought with intent to kill fortunately. Rheja used the sheath of her sword and returned blows with the flat of his axe.

The battle was not without it’s hazards however. It also did not end in Rheja’s favor. She was tossed against a flower pot and sustained a second blow to the head. It was at that point Rheja’s friend held her back as to forgo further injury.

Apparently Itus was thrilled, he loudly declared himself the victor and requested that Rosa Alice purchase a beverage for him. Fortunately however, they left to make their purchase elsewhere. This was a feather in Itus’ cap as he attempt to build upon what Rheja calls a “fan club.”

There was however quite a crowd gathered to witness the combat. Apparently bets were also placed. 

Itus Tatus can be recognized by his height at being roughly knee high to a Viera. He sports black armor and a horned helm. He also wields a labrys, or double headed axe.

Should you dear reader encounter Itus Tatus do be cautious as he is apparently unpredictable and quite rude. However as Rheja declared “everyone’s oughtta have it in them’” to stand up to such nonsense as this fellow apparently has… an axe to grind.

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