Category: IC

Cinna has encountered an intriguing patron that had sparked an interesting topic.
Kiyo sells the last of her potions as she tries something new.
A recouperating Kiyo roams the Shroud with Mizuno only to end up in Buscarron’s Druthers with several others!
Kiyo receives a mysterious message. Heading out into The Black Shroud she finds more than she bargained for.
Kiyo has a busy day as she dines at Menphina’s Bosom with Mizuno and Ayame before visiting the Wanderer’s Respite to respond to a flier.
Kiyo visits Ul’dah and receives a mysterious message. She also makes new friends at the Heartfire Lounge.
Kiyo visits the Sharlayan Institute of Gridania for tea and quiet time. She leaves with a handful of novels.
Kiyo ventures out in an attempt to advertise her practice before her appointment with the designer Teija. She also shares a moment of self doubt with the odd Xaela Mizuno.
Kiyo attends a traditional Doman tea ceremony hosted by Ayame Miura. She meets new people and enjoys a taste of home.
Kiyo visits The Sleeping Koi for ramen and has tea with Ayame.