Championship Rematch at EGF Last one Standing

October 4, 2021

Breaking news. It was announced this weekend that R’dei Rhes will take on Helga in a EGF title rematch at the next EGF event Last one Standing.

Those who recall two months prior Helga was challenging for the EGF championship against champion R’dei Rhes when she took a severe blow costing her the match until then she had dominated. 

Not much had been heard of the flaming marvel after the match with rumors floating around that she may have suffered a career ending injury. However this appears not to be the case as the EGF press office put out an announcement that her and champion R’dei Rhes will be facing off one more time on 24th Sun of the fifth astral moon. 

The question on everyone’s lips now is will Helga have her revenge or will R’dei once more keep her dirty claws on the title once more.

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