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Dreams, Legacies, and One Salynne Beauvelle

May 18, 2021

Today your humble press operator had the good fortune to receive a visit from a most elegant Elezen, Salynne Beauvelle. 

Miss Beauvelle hails from the Black Shroud and is a practicing Thaumaturge and an aspiring instructor. 

She recently held a lecture on Aetherology which was quite successful! Aetherology is not a topic that is widely taught. 

Miss Beauvelle became interested in Aetherology when studying magic. It is a fundamental part of the study and practice of the same. 

Miss Beauvelle began life in a cave dwelling family that had little interest in knowledge or education. However as time passed it became too difficult for her family to care for her. At that juncture in her life a kindly gentleman took her in.

He became not only her caretaker, but instructor as well. In time the gentleman who had become her mentor sparked her interest in education.

Sadly her mentor passed but a fortnight ago. With his loss Miss Beauvelle has decided to take up teaching in his stead as a way to honor his legacy. 

Miss Beauvelle plans to hold more public lectures in the future! Which is of course most welcome news. 

She also has plans to open a teaching establishment of her own. With the aid of a fellow aspiring instructor. She hopes to open a location that will foster a supportive, positive and fun learning environment.

With that being said Miss Beauville is looking for fellow educators! So should you dear reader enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, Miss Salynne Beauvelle would be interested in hearing from you.

Other topics of interest to discuss with Miss Beauvelle include the outdoors and painting, a hobby she has recently acquired. She is however quite taken with the notion of opening her educational establishment and at the moment finds little time for recreation! She does however find the outdoors to be quite calming, which would only be doubly amplified by the overall calming effect of the great forests of The Black Shroud. 

We at The Daily Moogle cannot thank Miss Beauvelle enough for coming to our offices and sharing her time with us. We only hope that her dreams of education become a reality of learning for Eorzeans seeking knowledge!

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  1. I’m glad you covered this one! I would have been lost.. an interesting read and easy to understand!

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