Duel Night – Pale Knight gets his comeuppance?

June 15, 2021

Once more dear readers i bring you all the news from this week’s news from the arena scene. Once more we are back to the Iron Lynx for their duel night with its usual twists and turns.

Turning up slightly late for the kick off I would find the first match underway between Tanehira Litor and Akari Shikibu. Tenehira was sporting a heavy duty axe aligned with an expensive looking set of armour (must be good to be a litor), in contrast Akari was sporting a lighter armament. Lightly armoured and wielding some fancy looking daggers (think the announcer called them Kunais), these two ravens could not have been anymore unmatched.

As I sat down it was clear to see that Taehiras’ choice of equipment was not helping him in the slightest against the nimble Akari. As he bull rushed towards her Akari would deftly weave out of Tanehras way and launch a barrage of knives towards the hulking lad. 

Tanehira however proved that even heavily armoured was able to dodge out of the way of the knife strikes, seizing the opportunity the hulking Raen would run at his dainty opponent trying to kick her legs out from under her. 

Akari would be caught out and find her arse hitting the floor. Before the hulking lad can bing his axe to seal the deal Akari, like a pale assassin, flips out of the way and sends more blades flying.

Unable to dodge Tanehira would charge through letting the blades strike his chest plate allowing Akari to score once more bringing the score to 2 a piece, not stopping the mighty Litor would bring the axe down towards Akaris skull. 

Akari would see this coming however and once more dodge out of the way as the axe smashes into the floor. The pale assassin would roll across the arena floor sending out another volley of knives striking Tanehira winning her first ever match at the Lynx.

As I sat down with a fresh juice I could see a Hyur with a massive axe on her back talking to a group near the bar side arena entrance. Her opponent, a roegadyn who is a familiar sight at the Lynx could be seen walking towards the other pumping herself up.

Thus our second fight began with ‘The Wandering Warrior’ Skylar Weaver against ‘The Jewel of Gyr Arbania’ Hartgeim Ubyltuwyn.

As I skimmed over my notes of fighters I took note that this may be an uneven fight. Hartgeim as I said a well known fighter here at the Lynx. A former tournament winner with five wins and four losses in the current league tables and currently ranking second in the league behind last week’s winner Jojo. Skylar however a relative newcomer to the Lynx was currently sitting at three losses and no wins. I hadn’t seen her fight but hoped she knew how to handle the jewel.

The fight would start with Hartgeim gathering a storm around herself as she rushed towards Skylar faster than i could blink unleashing a flurry of fists at the Wandering Warriors face.

Skylar however was ready and would dodge out of the way. With a swing of her axe she would build up a fury of aether and send it flying towards the Jewel. Hart would barely get out of the way in time, the axe smacking her in the ribs sending her staggering back. Not to be outdone with a burst of wind, Hart would launch herself towards Skylar and leaping over her opponent. She would land and grappling her arms around the warriors waist would unleash a devastating suplex. 

Skylar, not prepared for her giant opponent’s speed and resilience, would find herself crashing shoulders first into the arena floor. Rolling over as hart releases her lock on her, Skylar would pick herself back up and would charge forwards unleashing a mighty kick towards the Roegadyn. 

Hart however would dance out of the way, quipping that Skylar should leave the punch and kicks to her. She then ran past the warrior and launched herself off the side of the arena to deliver a flying dropkick towards Skylar. Once more Skylar saw the attack coming and would roll out of the way to the centre of the arena. Seeing she had some distance between her and the Jewel Skylar would swing her axe unleashing a massive torrent of aether towards Hartgeim.

Landing to see this tsunami of aether flying towards her the Jewel would stand up and bellow out a defiant roar before slamming her foot to the ground shaking the arena her fists would ignite with flame as she PUNCHED the aether shattering the wave. With that problem out of the way Hart would launch herself at the Wandering Warrior fists still aflame and slamming her fist into Skylars chest. Staggering backwards Skylar would learn her lesson, filling her axe with aehter once more she would swing her blazing axe down towards Hart’s chest. Hart would meet the axe with her flaming fist stopping its momentum. Pushing the axe away the flames on her fists would snuff out as she gathered raw aether in her hands before leaping into the air calling. Yelling out this is her curtain call she would shoot a stream of aether smashing into Skylar.

As the torrent stream dissipated Skylar would seem to be unfazed but had not realised that she had taken her third hit, as Hart landed Skylar would tackle her knocking the Roegadyn cold as she finally realised her mistake. 

Skylar would help the bruised and battered opponent to her feet before she was escorted out by the Lyx medical staff to be fixed up.

With that though Hartgeim takes the top spot but just barely. Jojo is only two points behind so another win would put him back on top, however Grehmel is also just behind the pair in third and another win would tie him with Hartgeim for the top spot.

With the arena learned and a change of announcers the next match would be called.

It was a battle of little and large as a Lalafel known only as the masked gentleman took on the Vierra samurai Korra Kisene.

The Masked gentleman would take the advantage pulling out a rapier and the focus they would conjure forth a gust of wind to send him flying up into the air and then down towards Kora slicing as he went. 

The samurai would see the small mage coming, dodging out of the way she would unleash her own slash sending the masked lalafel flying. 

As he bounced across the floor the gentlemen would pick himself up and run forward letting a bolt of energy fly towards Kora.  Seeing the attack coming Kora would move out of the way charging forward and unleashing a spinning slash in the gentlemens direction.

This time the gentleman was prepared and rolled under the attack unleashing a torrent of lightning towards Kora catching her unawares. Looking to gain some distance the samurai leaps off the arena wall bringing down a flying strike. Her blade however only finds floor as the masked gentleman rolls out of the way shooting another lightning bolt that sends Kora hurtling into the air.

Recovering Kora would come back once more to deliver another strike but the gentlemen who unleashes a orb of fire towards the samurai.

Deftly dodging the attack the samurai and seemingly had enough of their spell casting as she went to impale the lalafel on her katana. The gentleman would dodge however and return the sentiment jabbing Kora in the stomach with their own blade.

Trying to get an advantage, Kora would spin round in a show of speed and power sending the gentleman flying into the arena wall. This would not deter our small friend however as with another burst of wind he would be rocketed forward and delivering a pintsized dropkick to the bewildered Samurai to end the match with the Gentleman standing tall (as tall as a lalafel can get).

Now dear folks this brings us the main event of the night. No second article tonight as I must admit this fight was not as captivating as I hoped it would be for you see once more the Pale knight was back stepping forth to take on the brutal Gibbs.

Straight off the bat the Pale Knight was insulting the mighty roegadyn who this time had traded in her great sword for a katana, he was heckling her to the point that I could hear folks calling for his head. He would not let up calling her something along the lines of an animal draped in a fancy loin cloth.

Honestly this did not help him far from it as it seemed to enrage Gibbs as they rushed towards the pale knight like a woman possessed. Obviously not trained with the blade she did not wield it with the grace and poise like Kora the samurai had shown. Instead she swung it with fierce brutality. 

The strike would score across the knight’s throat, staggering him for the briefest of moments. You would hope that he maybe was considering apologising for his earlier vulgar words. But alas their best idea was to throw more insults and barbs at Gibbs while thrusting there sword towards the roegadyn.

Gibbs would take none of it, dodging out of the way and coming down with another brutal swing of the blade, the knight once more fails to get out of the way in time and takes a shot straight to their armoured dome. Their big pointy ears must have been ringing in that full suit of armour.

Still not getting the picture the Knight would throw out more scaving insults along with another thrust towards the now seething roegadyn along with an elbow to try and score at least one hit. 

Gibbs was having none of it though she dodged both attacks before wrapping up the knight and slamming him to the ground. Embarrassed and one would hope humbled by the ferocious beast that is Gibbs. 

This reporter does wonder dear readers, can you revoke a knight’s license to practice being a knight? Who do you have to talk to in Ishgard? I ask this because this Pale knight is nothing like the knights we read about in stories. 

After the fight the knight would be seen refusing medical aid even though they seemed badly injured. Hopefully there injuries were not too severe and they will make a full recovery. Perhaps though they should stay away from the arenas and fight halls for a while.

Well and with that folks that’s all the news i have for you, i will be back next time with sun and sand special. You hear me right folks grab your summer gear, put on a beach hat, grab that swimsuit because the Iron Lynx is taking the show to the beaches of the Mist next time for their fourth anniversary.

That’s right there will be fun, refreshment, games and of course a very special duel night. You Heard me right, there will only be two fights but they will be two colossal battles as four opponents enter the arena at the same time to see who will be the top dog.

So don’t miss out folks but if you can’t make it don’t worry you old pal Lua will keep you in the know.

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