Duel night at the Lynx part 2 – Talan Vs Jojo. The fight for the top spot.

June 7, 2021

Well folks I promised you something special in the second part and you will not be disappointed I assure you. Talan Gelson Versus J’tohjo (Jojo) Tia has been a hotly anticipated match for well over the last couple of months. Both these fighters have climbed their way to the top of the board with an excellent track record. Both fighters sat comfortably at three wins and no losses. Whoever won this fight would knock Grehmel Haragin off the top spot and become the iron Lynx number one fighter. 

With minimal fanfare the announcer called the two in. Talan had bounded in mere moments before being called up brimming with a burning desire to challenge his opponent. His Opponent would take his time walking into the arena. Coo calm and collected he settled his gunblade across his shoulder and prepared for the fight to begin.

As the announcer cried “Let’s get it on!” Talan would grip his fists tight and launch himself at Jojo wind aether rushing around his body and boosting his speed, he would then throw a left towards the Miqo’tes chin calling out he wanted to test jojos speed.

Jojo would prove however that even with Talans new found burst of speed blocking the attack with his gunblade. Jojo would push Talan away before bringing his gunblade around striking at his opponent.Talan was too fast for him and evaded before stomping the ground causing the air around him to ripple as he launched himself at his opponent once more, Talan would attempt to level his right fist into Jojos ribs. Jojo was still proving too fast for Talan as he spun out of the way and slid across the floor. Using the distance Jojo would level his gunblade and pull the trigger sending an explosive blast wave that caught Talan unawares and staggering backwards. 

That didn’t keep Talan dazed for long as soon enough he was back on his footing and sending a blast of wind from his punches towards Jojo whilst Talan followed behind looking to make up the lost ground.

Jojo would spin round to give a witty retort to have the literal wind knock him out. Well knock him out but it did send him reeling as Talan closed in behind. Not to be outdone Jojo would discharge lightning from his gunblade towards Talan but obviously feeling the effects of that blast of wind the shot goes wide as Talan vears out of the way before aiming for a solid kidney punch. I can tell you folks as someone who has fought a fist fighter who uses aether. Even when you’re wearing full plate armour that kidney punch will still hurt.

Jojo by this point had recovered enough to use his surroundings to his advantage and would quickly run up the arena wall before flipping over talan exposing his back, slashing his blade towards the hyurs shoulders he would once more pull the trigger to let off an explosive round right next to poor Talan. The strike would hit home sending Talan staggering for a few moments before recovering his footing and unleashing a spin kick and sending another blast of wind aether towards Jojo.

At this point I must comment on Talans use of aether. As far as this reporter is aware this is a new occurrence but his use of wind aether for speed remind me very much of the Jewel Of Gyr arbanias similar technique combined with the offensive use that Helga displays whenever she enters the arena. Could it be that perhaps Talan has sought training from one of these two? Or perhaps someone else, a mystery for another time.

Back to the action and Jojo has caught onto Talans tricks it would seem rolling out of the way of another blast before loading what he calls his “special cartridge” he rushed towards Talan who jumped away at the last moment expecting a slash of Jojo’s blade but instead Jojo aims his gunblade which lets out a thunderous roar as his special shot hits Talan hard sending him careering into the top of the arena causing the barrier to ripple around him from the shockwave.

As Talan fell back to the ground landing with a thud onto his knees and shin, a pain of laughter could be heard as he realised that Jojo had taken the match and was now the top dog here at the Iron Lynx.

With that a round of applause was given to the pair, Jojo would help his friend and opponent to his feet and the pair would walk out together to grab a well deserved victory pint.

Now my dear readers you may be asking why I cut the article into two if the fight was quick and short. Well not only did I get to watch the fight but I managed to snag a quick interview with both men right after. So I now present to you my interview with Talan Gelson and J’tohjo (Jojo) Tia as they both shared a pint.

“So first question to ask you Talan how do you feel after your defeat and thus being knocked off the top spot at the Lynx. afterall it hasn’t been your week Given Gibbs also toppled you in your first outing in the EGF”

Talan: “Ah, I’ve had a bad week, but I ain’t fighting for wins. Me hobby just to fight, test me limits and me strengths and see how far I can do til that wall throws me back into the pier and I start again. I’ve been waiting to fight me mate JoJo for ages to test meself, gibbs was an odd fight but I learnt more about swords against me fists too.” 

“Ah i see, so either way you are happy with the result. Well that’s good to hear. So J’tohjo or is it Jojo? How do you feel on becoming the Lynx’s top dog?”

Talan: “Top dog for now mate”

Jojo: “Either works, the nickname is mainly from my old mentor who found it easier to say. More than anything else it’s a good way to test your mettle and skills. People wave off places like this because you -can’t get hurt- but it’s still a very good learning experience and a good way to blow off steam”

“As someone whos gone three and oh ion the original arena back in the day I can’t agree more. As Talan said there is some competition for the top spot. With Grehmerl and Hartgeim looking to snag there next run at the top what are both of your thoughts on their chances?”

Jojo: “I mean they’re both good fighters and it’s not like they need to beat me to pass me, but it just means we have to all push ourselves further to make it interesting.”

Talan: “Well, Grehmerl a mate of mine, hard working lad and good at his ol’ brawling but what Limsa lad ain’t? Hart, I saw her in action once but her missus be doing me training so I can only assume she gives as good as she takes.”

“Well thats what I hear. Now Talan another question for you. Earlier tonight we saw Gibbs fight hand to hand with your friend Grehmerl. Any thoughts on why she did not do so with you the other night. Do you think she knew she could not best you in a fist fight so she opted to cut you open with her blade?”

Talan: “Who knows lass? Gibbs a odd one if I’m honest. Doesn’t seem the social type, and when I was in the ring fighting seemed like a chore for her. If that the case maybe when using a blade she can end the fight quicker.”

At this point jojo was ready to head out so before he left i asked him and Talan one more question.

 “Given that alot of the current fighters coming in are gunblade users  with a high success rate in said arena would you say the gunblade is what gives you and your peers the edge over other opponents?”

Jojo: “A weapon is only an extension of the users, it’s a lot about their skill as well. whilst it might give me an edge over certain other fighters, other weapons might have an edge over me.. so it all depends on who’s behind it really”

Talan: “Aye, plus lass I’ve beat him before so it ain’t a total one sided fight.”

“I see, well thank you gentlemen for your time, any last words for my readers?”

Jojo: “Come by the Lynx to see what all the fuss is about”

Talan:  “Last words? What Jo said, better to see it first hand than read it.”

Well there you have it folks no truer words have ever been spoken from the two main eventers tonight. Of course I would advise to keep reading otherwise i’d be out of a job. Either way its true at some point you do need to come to one of these shows and just see it for yourself. Or if you are brave enough join in.

The Iron Lynx hold duel night 3 weeks of the month and I will be doing my best to be there every week to keep you up to date on all the latest news from the arenas here in Ul’dah.

As reported above the Iron Lynx leaderboard has changed dramatically With Jojo taking the first palace spot with Hartgeim Ubyltuwyn the Jewel of Gyr Arbania commign in a close second behind him. Followed by Grehmel Haragin in third and Talan Gelson coming in fourth place above his new rival Gill ‘Gibbs’ Chute in fifth place.

Yes the next few weeks look to be a lively one here at the Lynx so stay tuned what will happen next week and what will happen the following week when the Iron Lnx take the show on the road for there summer beach party where there will be two four way elimination matches. 

Keep reading the Daily Moogle to find out.


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