Egads! More Letters to the Editor!

July 26, 2021

You all sent even more letters in and given the toilet is clogged again, I’ve no choice but to reply to these lest my house fill up like an Ul’Dah flea market.

Will you be in need for additional models for the swimsuit calendar?
Not unless you’re a tall blonde Elezen dame with more ear than brains.

With The Daily Moogle now located in a larger building, are we going to be seeing some content changes or should we expect the same as we’ve had before?
Everything here at the Moogle is going to be bigger. Bigger building, bigger news, bigger scoops and maybe bigger wages. On second thoughts, scratch the last one.

This reader would like to see what’s in that janitor’s closet.
This reader is going to see the roof of a coffin. Stay away from that closet.

-I- heard that the janitor’s closet is basically an infinite pocket of space, are we going to get an investigation on this? We want answers!
Well I want a million gil and the heads of those damn chocobos that keep rampaging through my garden. But we can’t can’t have everything now. Also… Too much heat radiates from that closet door so it cannot be an infinite pocket. A moderate pocket at best.

Is it true that the janitors door has been signed by a prominent fist fighter from Ul’dah?
No. The door was vandalized by a thug. End of discussion.

After some cleaning, I found an old article that covered a birthday party. Now that I gave it a better look, the individual truly reminded me of the description of the person that attacked the older Miqo’te male in the outskirts of Limsa Lominsa. Not to point fingers, but considering a razor was used and the picture person used to be an hairdresser…. something to look into?
We run a news firm. Not a detective agency. Tell it to the guards, S’herlock Holmes.


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