EGF 8 – Last one Standing lives up to its name

October 25, 2021

Last  night saw the EGF put on the latest show Last one Standing. To say that the show was electric would be a understatement. 

With a title match come grudge match as the main event the rest of the card would have a hard time to live up to the hype but the fighters rocked the show.

The Traveller Vs Talan Gelson.

Talan Gelson coming off his team victory at the Rising Stars show was looking for another win to push him up the EGF ladder. He had to contend with the mysterious Traveller. Traveller is yet to be defeated and has drawn their first two EGF matches. 

The Traveller started out strong launching a devastating strike with their sword sending Talan reeling. Talan would launch themselves off the cage to unleash a blistering punch but Traveller would catch them mid air and slamming Talan into the ground to win the round.


The second round would start off with Traveller bringing their blade to bear but talan slipping out at the last moment. Talan would follow up with a quick strike but Traveller would hit back, throwing Talan once more into the cage. Talan would be having none of it and would follow up with their partnered Limsan Headbutt that sent Traveller reeling blood dripping from under their mask allowing Talan to win the second round.

Round three would start with Traveller just punishing Talan with a devastating blow followed by another well placed strike. Talan would get up to swing back at the Traveller to only collapse on the floor, the fight taking more out of him than first thought. This the referee called the fight off and declared Traveller the winner, securing then their first true win and and pushing them up to the #2 spot in the rankings. 

Post match Talan would be seen to be fine if not somewhat sore, the copious amount of alcohol running through his veins somewhat numbing the pain.

With the first match over Talan would join Hartgeim on commentary as the second match got under way.

Lorilae Hyskaris Vs Talon Morys.

The Ravishing Rava was looking excited and eager going into her second fight, happily working over the crowd with her entrance. Making her debut at a house show earlier in the week she had managed to go to a time limit draw with the Traveller. Her opponent Talon Morys the Talon of the sea was making his EGF debut.  Talon is no stranger to the world of arena fighting here in Ul’dah having fought before in the Lynx duel nights where he holds a record of seven wins to five losses and currently sits at rank seven over on the Lynx leaderboard.

It was clear from the get go that even though the pair were happy for a friendly duel they both wanted that win and to assert themselves in the EGF.

Round one would open with Talan charging Lorilae across the cage at a pace no one with a greatsword should move swinging at Lorilae but the Vierra would dance effortlessly out of the way. Using her feminine wiles the Rava would run her fingers through Talon’s hair complimenting him before striking from behind. Talon would return the favour by showing Lorilae what his big sword could do, bringing it down onto her shoulder. Lorilae tried to counter by bringing her chakras to bear but found the weight of the blade was too much. All I can say is thank the twelve that the barrier was there or Loraie may have one less arm. The Ravishing Rava would counter, however break out an unusual move. Using her chakras as a ring pull she would loop it around Talons blade and slide between his legs pulling him off balance before sweeping his legs from under him and thus securing her the round. 

Round two began with Lorilae taking the early advantage but Talon would not be put off once more then talon of the seas blade biting into the Ravishing Rava. Lorilae not to be deterred, would use her nimble speed to run up Talons blade and wrap her thighs around his neck looking to choke the poor man out while also giving him a elbow to the noggin to for good measure. It looked like Talo may have been able to hold his breath for a while if Lorilae hadn’t beamed him on the skull causing him to gasp and exhale. In a fit of desperation he rammed Lorilae Into the cage and his head on to her. Suffice to say sitting was probably a tad uncomfortable for the vierra for a while. It would not be enough however as the round was called Lorilae would be standing tall over Talon taking the win after just two rounds.

Finally we came to the main event. 

EGF title match

Champion R’dei Vs challenger Helga

This has been a highly anticipated rematch. Helga had gone through some of the toughest fighters to claim the number one contender slot and had been awaiting her match with R’dei. Dei on the other hand had been demolishing her competition, taking the title at the inaugural title match and holding the belt for a hundred and forty three days by this point.

The two originally squared off for the title at Rising Stars where R’dei had brutally beat down Helga to the point where the match had to be called off.

Since then Helga had been off recuperating from injuries received as well as old mending old wounds. One of which required her right arm to be amputated.

Meanwhile R’dei had been preparing for the inevitable rematch.

As the two entered the cage it looked as if Helga would have an uphill struggle as fighting with one less arm seemed like a handicap. However, in this case she looked determined and ready to rumble. Dei had taken the time since the last title fight to upgrade her armour. This suit was more sleek and form fitting with portions of heavy armour spread around the arms, shoulders and legs, with a visor of what looked like glass adorning her face. Gone was her magitek axe replaced with a more impressive fist mechanism. It seemed that the magitek marvel was going to pit up her fists and slug it out with Helga. This could be a costly mistake.

As the match started R’dei not wanting to let Helga get the first strike, launched herself at the challenger to smash her across the face, sending Helga into the cage. It seemed the blind monk had not heard her coming but now she had a point to target. Pushing herself off the cage wall, her fist blazing hot, Helga would give Dei a taste of her own medicine as she smashed her blazing fist into Deis face sending her staggering back.

From then on the round was all Helgas as she unleashed a flaming barrage upon the champion. R’dei was thoroughly trounced in round one leaving her to fume as the pair waited for round two to commence.

Round two got off to a flying start as R’dei looked to get the opening salvo again, finding its mark. Helga however would readily be on the defence and able to hold back R’deis assault including a pneumatic punch attack from deis punching contraptions. Not even a swift headbutt could dislodge dei. The pair stayed locked in combat with no one gaining any ground until time ran out leaving R’dei with a narrow win in round two.

Round three commenced with a bang. Helga, fed up with Dei getting in the first Salvo went on the offensive. Unleashing a lightning field strike to Deis skull cracking her visor and splintering her face with shards of glass, all Dei could do was stand dazed and confused as Helga brought down another thunderous blow knocking dei to the floor and out cold. Thus with Dei unable to continue that match was called and Helga stood tall as the new EGF champion.

As R’dei was carted out toward the infirmary you could hear a round of applause for both fighters. Dei had proven she could fight like a champ giving Helga a fair fight and Helga had proven that no matter the odds you can come out on top.

As Helga was presented the belt she thanked her supporters in the crowded and promised to take on any challenger any time any where.

This may come sooner than you think, although R’dei is recovering in the EGF infirmary under the care of their physicians she is now the number one contender. She is not alone in wantingw3 to grab the brass ring though as an eager band of newcomers are hot on her tail. Newcomers such as R’iqu Jesal who earlier this week cemented her position in the top four of the EGF and declared that she wants a shot at the title meaning that she will have to go through R’dei first, be sure to look out for a number one contenders fight in the near future.

Also finally making their way into the number two position The Traveller is making there meteoric rise to the top, who knows what this mysterious figure has planned could they soon be itching to go after Helga’s title?

Also just below the top four the Ravishing Rava sits at number 5. Another win could easily propel her to the number 3 spot. Johnny Gat sits just below her at number 6 with the baby face newcomer Athena Pentaghast who made her debut with her partner in crime Risomo the Ronin sitting at number seven after a blistering debut.

All this reporter can say is the EGF is just getting started and as the weather gets colder the cage is just starting to heat up.

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