EGF announces not one but two big events for the beginning of the new year

November 25, 2021

With the Iron Lynx tournament takign up the spotlight this month the EGF seems to have gone dark for the most part, this is not the case however as they have been runnign house shows that have seen newcomer Rismo take his first official win in the cage against this pink powerhouse as well as R’dei Rhes holding her spot at the top as the #1 contender against up and commign fan favourite Lorilae Hyskaris.

With that said the company has yet to field any big shows this moon and had announced that they would be taking the end of the year off to allow their fighters to enjoy the festive season and recuperate before the new year. Today however they have announced they will be hostign two big shows to kick off the Heavensturn festivities during the fourth and fifth weekend of the first astral moon.

Starting with the first show aptly named heavensturn folks will get to see the EGF top talent wow them as they look to move up the ranks. Not much has been given away yet on who will be fighting on the show with the exception of the main event that will be Helga defending her championship against former champion R’dei Rhes. This rubber match will be one you won’t want to miss as every time these two get into the cage together things get brutal real fast.

The second show on the list is one the EGF promoter has called unmissable and one to watch. Lord of the cage will take place on the fifth weekend and will feature King of the hill style event where eight fighters will compete one at a time to looking to come out on top. This match also has the most coveted prize of them all, the winner of the match will receive a EGF title shot against the reigning champion. With the EGf title being a highly sought after prize you can be sure the matches will be fast and furious, so far no fighters have been announced for the event with promoter Hartgeim ubyltuwyn keeping things close to their chest but she assures the fans that you will see faces old and new and maybe some never seen before.

S0o with that in mind folks it looks like this new year is going to be full of fast paced exciting action.

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