EGF Heavensturn matches & lord of the Cage entrants announced.

January 18, 2022

With the EGFs Heavensturn round the corner the matches for the show have been announced. Helga will be defending her EGF title for the first time since winning the belt however her opponent has yet to be named. The reason being that R’iqu Jesal one of the newer faces to join the EGF last year has declared her intention to take the former champion R’dei Rhes #1 contender spot, the two will meet in the show’s opening fight with the winner facing Helga in the main event.

This is not the first challenger R’dei has had for the no one contender spot as she has already fended off the Ravishing Rava Lorilae Hyskaris with a defiant Knockout Win. Since losing her title bout with Helga it seems that the sharks can smell blood in the water and now they are coming for R’dei, can she retain her spot at the top and reclaim her title from Helga? You will have to be there to find out.

Speaking of the Ravishing Rava Lorilae will be back in action in the second bout taking on the EGF’s newest acquisition ‘The Pink Menace’ Tee Magnusdottir. I have yet to see this new fighter in action but sources tell me she is no nonsense gunbreaker. How she will hold out against the Ravishing Ravas fighting style is to be seen but i predict the ‘Pink Menace’ may be one to watch.

Of course lets not forget that this month has not oen but two big bumper to bumper shows as the following week the EGf is hosting its first ever Lord of the Cage match. Described as a brutal King of the Hill match, entrants enter one at a time until only one remains, the winner will be given a title shot for the EGF championship. This is a golden opportunity as it allows any fighter regardless of where they stand on the rankings to get a shot at the highly sought after title. 

Of the nine entrants eight have been announced, they are in no particular order:

‘The Devil Trigger’ Nero Redgrave

‘The Pink Menace’ Tee Magnusdottir

Athena Pentaghast

‘The Ravishing Rava’ Lorilae Hyskaris

Rismo ‘the ronin

U’nalia Odh

‘The Golden shield’ Rae Peak

‘The Drunken Brawler’ Talan Gelson

Although as i mentioned i do not have much on the Pink menace all the fighters above are of a high calliber and are looking for that elusive prize of a coveted title shot. When we queried the EGF for confirmation of the 9th person a spokesperson told us this “A Ninth person has been selected however Miss Ubyltuwyn has elected to withhold the persons name as it will shock and surprise many.”

So whoever this person is the promotion believes they are someone fight fans wil lbe eager to see so much that they want to keep it close to their chest. I would nto wish to speculate too much but this pink reporter predicts that the Iron Lynx former top ranking J’tohjo ‘Jojo’ Tia may be this secret ninth entrant. Afterall pretty much all of the top stars of the lron Lynx and EGF being involved in this event who else could be left?

Guess we shall all have to wait until next week to find out.

With that that’s all I have to report for now but its a new year and the iron Lynx is in full swing and the EGF is ramping up so be sure to keep your eyes peeled to the Daily Moogle for updates on the big upcoming shows and well see you at the show.

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