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Endwalker Early Access Arrives! (ooc)

December 3, 2021

Welcome to Endwalker Early Release! Remember to download your updates today.

Note: There have been changes to the Mogstation!

Never fear the changes streamline a lot about the Mogstation. See more about using your Endwalker Early Access Registration Code here.

Haven’t Pre Ordered?

Check out how to get your copy of Endwalker here! Remember to pick up the pre-order before launch to get the level boosting earring of awesome!

Need to Know What’s Coming?

See all the juicy details in the 6.0 patch notes here.

Hope everyone is looking forward to Launch and all of the great things that are coming like the new zones, new content.

Our Viera friends will not only be able to choose to be female or male and they can select from new hairstyles. This should add a lot of customization for those who just love our floppy eared friends!

Note also to those who currently make most of their income from the chocolate chip cookies, there will be some adjustments to how much players receive when turning in multiple items.

See everyone in game!

Also check out the latest Final Fantasy XIV collaboration with the recording artist Sia:

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