Even more letters to the editor!

June 13, 2021

You all sent even more letters in and given the toilet is clogged again, I’ve no choice but to reply to these lest my house fill up like an Ul’Dah flea market.

Do you think the Mothman works alone? How did he return all those treasures?
Hang on a second, let me just ask him, because obviously he is just around the corner from my house and not an elusive maniac.

There have been rumors about Spriggan roams freely around daily moogle with broom, are those claims true?
Well, we call him Mizzy but Spriggan works fine too I suppose. Quite an ugly one, and alot taller than the rest.

The Daily Goobbue is saying you’re ripping them off, what do you say about these allegations?
In order to rip them off, we’d have to lower ourselves to their terrible ability at publishing. We’re just a better news firm here at the Daily Moogle.

Are you able to speak of the current profit or earnings in which the paper brings in on a moon?

Will you be getting Mizuno Daily Moogle branded attire for his next fight?
The only thing I will be getting him is a resignation template if he keeps reading me these stupid questions. Oh and a Daily Moogle hat, check out our store.

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